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Micro Exhibition

July 20 - July 30

Join us to explore the latest trends and discover interesting applications of AR/VR technologies in the post-COVID new normal.This virtual event is a platform built for like-minded AR/VR enthusiasts as we look to a soon-to-come XR-powered future. Curated by SparkAmpLab, a global technology media publication.

Exhibitor Highlight

Companies you don't want to miss


Creatinno strives to deliver digital solutions to businesses by using technology creatively to improve their business processes for example marketing and sales.


Augmedics aims to improve healthcare by augmenting surgery with cutting edge technologies that instill technological confidence in the surgical workflow.

Fun2 Studio 方兔互動

Fun2 STUDIO is one of the leading VR gaming content compaies in GCR with solid software and hardware integration experience.

Mind & Idea FLY Co., Ltd.

MIFLY has the largest AR & VR open platform "MAKAR" in Taiwan that allows anyone to freely develop AR, VR and MR.


Aemass is a San Francisco-based advanced computer vision and graphics spatial computing company that provides real content for XR (VR/AR).


Ganzin focuses on creating the next generation eye tracking modules that can be easily integrated into AR/VR modules to help unlock the potential of the eye as a seamless interface into the extended reality world.


YajanTech is an AR/VR integrated provider that focuses on kernel software engine design and resource provider.

True Sense Technology

True Sense is a system integration company that combines ICT, miniature world model, remote control car and somatosensory device to build traversing machine experience technology.


AR Plaza is a brand-new AR interactive platform that applies in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Key Industry Trends

Top 10 AR/VR trending topics for 2021 (Powered by SparkAmplify)

Why Are More Brands Tapping Into the Metaverse Trend?

With tech titans such as Facebook announcing plans to create their own augmented reality universe, the concept of a ‘metaverse’ has never been more popular. Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, has been especially vocal about the concept, and took the stage at the 2021 Computex Conference to discuss its future. 

Facebook Introduces Ads to Virtual Reality Headsets

Facebook's decision to introduce ads to the VR game was met with criticism, as the founder of the platform, Palmer Luckey, had stated upon Oculus’s acquisition by Facebook that no ads would be run on its consoles: “We are not going to […] flash ads at you, or do anything invasive”.

TikTok's First LiDAR-Enabled AR Effect Now Available

TikTok has released its first augmented reality filter that can utilize the iPhone 12 Pro’s LIDAR sensor for an enhanced confetti effect that realistically settles on people or objects in your room. Here are some notes on best posting practices to keep in mind. According to TechCrunch, a number of unnamed countries will not get the effect.

'Goodbye' Minecraft Earth: Game Shutting Down After Less Than Two Years

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Microsoft is closing down its Minecraft Earth mobile game in June. Minecraft Earth was designed around free movement and collaborative play – two things that have become near impossible in the current global situation. Minecraft Earth originally launched for mobile devices in the fall of 2019. Among other tweaks, the update does away with real-money transactions and drastically reduces the time it will take for players to craft and build things within the game.

The Future of Mixed Reality Showcased at Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft’s plans for Mesh include incorporating larger screens, meeting rooms with eye-level cameras and spatial audio. These will help facilitate face-to-face meetings with life-size colleagues who are working remotely. While Mesh appears to require a whole host of new hardware, a Microsoft spokesperson states that it will be an extension of existing Teams capabilities.

Facebook's New AR Wristband Lets You Control Computers With Your Mind

The future of utilising EMG in wearable hardware is extremely vast. Theoretically, while the user is typing, the device will be able to track nerve signals sent to the brain, thus allowing the user to type on a virtual keyboard and even automatically correct common typing errors.

VR Considerations in the Post-Pandemic World - Entertaining Experiences

The combination of VR and entertainment attractions is not exactly a new thing in our society, with Headrock VR in Singapore providing a VR theme park to the public, and Sandbox VR in several locations worldwide giving a more intimate play VR experience with your friends. What the pandemic has brought on though, is more experimentation in how VR can be further used to entertain us all, despite being a confined medium. 

VR Considerations in the Post-Pandemic World - Workplace

Harvard Business School Online recently surveyed 1,500 people, most of whom felt that working remotely was actually beneficial to their careers. Another survey of 1,800 conducted by The Straits Times in Singapore also had similar findings, with 8 out of 10 supporting work-from-home practices. It seems like the pandemic has brought about a larger number of workers in favour of adopting this new way of working as the ‘norm’.

Take A Look At These Amazing Virtual Showrooms

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology has been used in innovative ways during this time. While ARVR have existed pre-pandemic, their use became ever so important in contributing to the ‘new normal’. Here are two instances in the past year that ARVR has been creatively employed to transform experiences.‍

Can It Be Even Cooler? New 4K PSVR Plus Eye-Tracking & Vibration

Recently, rumours have been circulating online thanks to UploadVR’s scoop that Sony has plans to release a new VR headset for their Playstation 5 console, featuring several groundbreaking enhancements that have been generating excitement among the gaming and VR community. 

Leading the Pack, Microsoft Wins Another Multibillion-Dollar Army AR Deal

Hot Hardware reported this June that the Microsoft HoloLens headsets could be used in the US Army as soon as fall 2021. A Microsoft engineer called the development process “eye-opening”, and Microsoft states that they have “acquired nearly 80,000 hours of feedback from soldiers”. Climate testing has also been carried out. On top of this, CEO Nadella retaliated after the employees’ open letter mentioned below, defending the company’s decision to work with the Army on this.

Future Apple Devices Powered by Apple Glass

This June, a patent has been obtained by Apple indicating “an adjustable opacity system” for a new head device - fixing worries about unclear image projection in AR glasses. However, AppleInsider pointed out that a patent does not necessarily guarantee a specific product launch since patent applications are filed as part of the research and development process.

Qualcomm Reveals New AR Smart Glasses Blueprint

Qualcomm joins tech industry leaders Apple, Facebook, and Samsung in the development of AR smartglasses as a new challenger. In February 2021, the smartphone chip manufacturer announced its own design for an AR smartglasses: Qualcomm XR1 AR Smart Viewer Reference Design. In a video released by the company, the product responds to hand and arm gestures, tracks head movement, and allows users to interact with virtual 3D objects and images around the room. The AR glasses also project digital content onto multiple large virtual screens by connecting the smartglasses with an attached device. 

Make Way - Samsung Follows Apple With Its Own AR Glasses

Ever since Apple and Facebook have announced their plans for augmented reality glasses, other tech giants like Samsung have been eager to jump in on the action. With each company racing to release the best AR gadgets, tech enthusiasts can expect many options.

AR/VR Landscape, Opportunities, and Applications

Explore the technology and succeed in the New Normal

Event Partners

Together we help promote awareness to the industry

Mountain View Tech Showcase

The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization, serves as the collective voice of local businesses and is funded by its 750+ members. A community convener that specializes in building lasting relationships.



XR EXPRESS TW is a governmental project advised by National Development Council (NDC) of Taiwan as one of its Industrial Innovation plans. The goal is to optimize XR ecosystem within the country and to strengthen the global connections. Digi Space, the leading XR accelerator and space management company, collaborates with Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR), the largest XR association in Taiwan to play the key executive role in the project. Towards this undiscovered destination, we bring together the dreamers, gather the forces of creativity, and forge a platform where the impossible can be achieved.



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Share 4 Impact

Share 4 impact, A share-value platform empowering human ability. this project was selected by women’s startup lab from Silicon valley in 2016. Share 4 impact already hosted over 1560 offline event in 2 years, reached to 6125 people joined the event and keep going on until now. Our core value is we care, we share and we impact. Each giver all have SDGs topic we care about bigger than ourselves by sharing what we love and deliver value to communities. we know it’s a you & me world and we only have one earth, We believe if each generation can contribute and take responsibilities and also think what can we give to our next generation? through each impact giver, we together create big social impact projects and events. Each Pay-by-value event makes sharing without boundary and experiences human generosity, Together, we care, we share, we impact, let’s make the world we like.


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