3 Examples of Smart Technology Every Homeowner Should Use

Guest Post
May 1, 2019

Technology just keeps making life more and more convenient. In the past, the idea of a “smart home,” filled with gadgets and fixtures that communicate with each other and learn from your behavior, was straight out of science-fiction. Now it’s a reality.

Smart devices add convenience to a homeowner’s life in many ways. Generally, however, they “learn” about a person’s daily schedule and lifestyle preferences over time, making adjustments to the way they function accordingly. iOS and Android mobile app developers have been working to make using and connecting these smart devices easier than ever.

The following examples of smart tech all homeowners should try will help you better understand the value these innovations offer. If you’re ready to upgrade your home, start with these.

Smart HVAC Systems

Operating and maintaining an HVAC system is one of the less-enjoyable but entirely necessary chores home ownership involves. You need to constantly adjust your heating and cooling equipment to stay comfortable, while making sure you don’t use it so often you run up your energy bills.

That began to change with the rise of smart thermostats. Although the features of a smart thermostat vary from model to model, they all essentially learn when the occupants of a home typically want to make adjustments to the temperature, making those adjustments automatically. They can also usually sync with other smart devices (such as Google Home) and be controlled remotely via an app.

That said, smart thermostats were merely the beginning. Now various other components of HVAC systems are beginning to change as smart tech improves. For instance, new HVAC systems often include features such as sensor-driven ventilation, while also giving homeowners greater control over the flow of air throughout their homes. The result is long-term savings.

Water flows from the tap to sink

Smart Plumbing

Staying on top of plumbing maintenance is another task homeowners aren’t usually fond of. Unfortunately, it’s necessary. A leak in your pipes could lead to everything from major water damage to mold growth. It doesn’t help that plumbing maintenance can be difficult because so many components of the plumbing system are hidden.

Once more, smart technology is solving these problems. With new leak detectors, homeowners can receive alerts about the presence of leaks earlier than ever, even when they aren’t home. This lets them address leaks before they cause even more damage.

Adding this smart device to your home will significantly boost your peace of mind. Instead of wondering if any of our pipes are starting to leak, you can be confident you’ll receive an alert the moment they do.

Smart Home Security

As with the other items mentioned here, smart home security systems often allow homeowners to operate them via mobile apps. Upgrading to one will make it much easier for you to relax when away from home.

However, that’s not the only feature they offer. Smart home security can also automatically turn on particular lights when the sun sets. Some even begin to play sounds like those of dogs barking to further deter intruders at night. You can also use them to check your security cameras remotely if you have an unexpected visitor. Someone knocks on your door while you’re away, and you can find out if they’re simply making a delivery or actively trying to break in.

Again, as new smart innovations emerge, we’ll likely find more ways to improve the lives of homeowners with technology. These three examples simply represent good starting points for people interested in making the switch to a smart home. Using them will help you save money, save time, and avoid the stresses of home ownership.

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