Raising Taiwan’s Startup Scene Profile, Winners of 5th G Camp Announced

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
August 23, 2021

On August 15, 2021, at this year’s G Camp Global Accelerator Program a total of 10 outstanding startups from various industries were showcased and selected as finalists. The winners will receive international business matchmaking and guidance for marketing projects, in an effort to prepare them for entry into the global startup scene. This year, 17 startup companies were exclusively selected to participate in the 5th annual G Camp Boot camp. 

Organized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division, G Camp is a notable startup accelerator program with a global pitch event within the Taiwanese startup ecosystem.

The participating startups competed for the G Camp Award and the YEZ International Accelerator Special Award. After a thrilling and spectacular show, CancerFree Biotech Ltd., Lynaza eDiscovery, DeepMentor Inc., Teletrx Co., Imgoodie Co. Ltd., dp Smart Technology Co. Ltd., BlueBeard Studio Co. Ltd., MAKAR Reality Co. Ltd., Turing Chain Ltd., and Health League International Innovation Co. Ltd. were selected as winners of the “G Camp Award”. As winners of the award, each startup will be given international business consultation and global PR marketing service from SparkAmplify.

Award Ceremony - G Camp Award
Award Ceremony - G Camp Award

As for the YEZ International Accelerator Special Award, it was awarded to DeepMentor and Imgoodie, who will each receive a 1-on-1 consultation and an early investment evaluation as the prize.

Award Ceremony - YEZ International Accelerator Special Award
Award Ceremony - YEZ International Accelerator Special Award

Held from August 13 through 15, the G Camp training program recruited the expertise of Silicon Valley veterans and business leaders for various panels and masterclasses spread across the three days, culminating in the pitch event on the last day. 

The lineup, which included 10X Innovation Lab, Marvin Liao, and Mitchell Weinstock, all which have extensive experience in helping startups succeed globally. 10X Innovation Lab brings to the table years of experience in guiding and coaching upcoming startups, from their time working with a range of international accelerators hailing from as near as Japan, to further away in Brazil, amongst others.

G Camp Boot camp in action 
G Camp Boot camp in action 

Furthermore, former partner at 500 Startups Marvin Liao has over two decades of experience under his belt, mainly from his time in Silicon Valley as an executive and venture capitalist - proving him to be an asset in G Camp’s guest lineup. Another great addition is Mitchell Weinstock, who has worked with some of the biggest names in tech like Apple and Razer, and attained experience in the monetization of nascent technologies and new product marketing.

In response to the pandemic, the 2021 G Camp Boot camp was completely virtual due to safety protocols. Given the global situation, this year’s event was especially important to give these startups an opportunity to connect with local and international investors. Connecting and promoting local Asian startups to the international technology space was G Camp’s main goal with this event. 

To learn more about G Camp, please visit: https://event.sparkamplify.com/gcamp/gcamp

About G Camp

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Originating in Taiwan, G Camp has been successful in expanding its events overseas. In four sessions, the program has supported 55 talented startups and led 30 teams to compete around the world in pitch competitions, generating a total of NT$70 million in business opportunities. 

It’s only fitting that this hails from Taiwan, given that the World Economic Forum has listed Taiwan as one of the four “super innovators” for two consecutive years - hence G Camp and its participants are reflective of the innovation culture brewing.


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