Get Freedom from Remote Controls with i-Ctrl from AIFA Technology Corp

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January 2, 2019

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Tired of the different remote controls for everything fromTVs, DVD players to air conditioners and even music systems?  Nobody wants to look for the remote every time. Add to it the fact that you’ll probably forget where you kept that remote sooner than later, and may even end up losing one!

AIFA Technology Corp offers the perfect solution, helping your smartphones control all the devices through just one i-Ctrl device. No more worrying about finding the right remote; you can manage all of your home appliances, devices and electronics using just this one innovative device.

AIFA Technology Corp, recognized for their groundbreaking product, is also the winner of the 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award. The award recognizes innovative startups with revolutionary products. It was though, just another award for AIFA.

The i-Ctrl also won the Top of Popularity Award at 2018 SMAhome Premier Product Awards, organized by SMAhome of Messe Frankfurt New EraBusiness Media. The award, decided by juries and onsite visitors, highlights the most popular product that they have come across this year.

How does i-Ctrl WiFiSmart Remote Control Work?

The i-Ctrl WiFi Smart Remote Control Box can communicate with legacy and smart devices through infrared. The small UFO shaped device also works over WiFi and can receive commands from your smartphone.

You can control your TV, Blu-ray, DVD, set-top box, air conditioner, AUX, lights, fans and more using the mobile application. The device learns and records the remote control signals and comes with pre-stored signals of 1,000 brands or 95% devices all over the world.

You can also pair the device with Alexa and use Amazon Echo to control your devices. Users can also use Google Home to manage their home securely and safely with Google Assistant. With IoT being the new in thing today, AIFA did leverage in on the right tech.

What are the Advantages of i-Ctrl?

The biggest advantage is that you don't have to search around to find the right remote all the time. i-Ctrl lets you use your mobile to convert your home to a smart home- you can control all devices directly without the need of remotes.

You can also control the devices when you are not in your home by using your mobile. That means you can restrict your kids from watching too much TV sitting right at your office!  

i-Ctrl smart access control also features scheduling and scene functions to keep your home safe. The scheduling function can be used to remotely turn on TVs and lights while you are away on vacation so that burglars are kept at bay. The scene function creates a movie mode, dimming the light sand turning on your TV and speakers.

The setup process of i-Ctrl is also very simple. You just have to download the app can connect your devices to i-Ctrl to begin the remote control free experience. From the ease to use the device to the seamless connectivity, it all makes for a better user experience, and one that you’ll love.

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