[Trending Technology News] An AI-companion Enhanced for People Suffering from Mental Health Disorders

Anthony Mosavi
January 7, 2020

With one out of every four Americans suffering from diagnosable mental disorders each year, the need to address the rising mental health epidemic becomes more apparent than ever. To help the recovery and mental health of patients experiencing disorders such as ADHD and anxiety, a group of tech-savvy individuals have created an AI that leverages NLP (natural language processing) to help cure mental disorders. Offered as virtual assistant services, HoloAsh brings forth an AI companion that talks to people suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses and offers a company to make them feel better.  

Virtual Assistant Services Change the Course of Mental Health

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, conditions such as anxiety disorder are easy to treat; nonetheless, only 36.9% of people suffering from the condition receive treatment.

“In the US, 46 million people suffer from mental illness, and barely half of them get the help they need. Many people are too embarrassed to talk to their friends, and the average person doesn’t have the time or money to see a counselor regularly, and the average person doesn’t have the time or money to see a counselor regularly, and chatbots are so one dimensional,” said Yoshua Kishi, CEO of HoloAsh.

Generally speaking, the cost of an average therapy session lies anywhere between $60 to $120. Considering the steep costs of therapy, it is safe to assume that most individuals suffering from mental health conditions may not be able to opt for therapy as their first preference.

However, among the several coping mechanisms to curing conditions such as ADHD, depression, or anxiety, talking to a trusted companion or a friend seems to be a highly recommended one. According to several studies, it is believed that the internet has made people more lonely than ever. At such a juncture, adults suffering from conditions such as ADD, ADHD, or anxiety will benefit further from a 24/7, non-judgemental companion such as the NLP powered AI offered by HoloAsh.

HoloAsh: A next-gen AI equipped with cutting-edge features

Founded by individual suffering from ADHD, HoloAsh is one of the most ingenious AI tools and virtual assistant services developed by Kishi in an attempt to scratch his own itch. After being labeled as a “troubled child” and constantly berated for the typical tendencies of ADHD such as being disorganised, distracted, and loud, he decided to create a safe space for people like himself.  

“We’ve built an AI friend that anyone can talk to, any time, anywhere. Our AI friend is judgment-free, and available 24/7. Unlike current chatbots, our AI friend will detect emotions from the sound of someone’s voice to provide the best possible response,” says Kishi.

HoloAsh’s NLP based AI is based on a highly effective counseling approach known as ‘motivational interviewing’, making it one of the most effective tools to boost the morale and inculcating positive thoughts in the minds of users. Furthermore, the application of NLP allows the AI-companion to detect subtle changes in the voice of users for a better understanding of the mood and feelings of the users.

Future prospects

After its initial release in October, the virtual assistant company says that its AI-engine powered app has garnered a huge response with a growth rate of 59% month-over-month on average. HoloAsh was also accepted by the prestigious 500 Startups Accelerator Kobe. Currently vested in collecting data for empowering its deep learning systems and improving the AI-companion, HoloAsh believes that its application of NLP and AI can help create several useful applications in the near future.

HoloAsh will launch its beta mobile app at the CES2020 and promote the role of Holoash in improving mental health and well-being.

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