[Startup News] Birdie: Female-founded AI Company to Discover the Why Behind the Buy

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
July 16, 2020

Big data has failed. More and more companies are expressing their disappointment with big data that was supposed to deliver actionable insights into customer behavior. In practice, many businesses are struggling to make sense of their avalanche of data and are not reaping the promised benefits.

Today, the amount of data produced by large business enterprises is growing at a rate of 40 to 60% per year. And a huge amount of that data goes unused for analytics, according to Forrester.

Into this sorry state of affairs enters consumer insights management startup, Birdie. Birdie was co-founded in 2018 by Birdie CMO Patricia Osorio, a Brazilian female serial entrepreneur, and her two co-founders and former colleagues at a marketing automation company - Birdie CEO Alex Hadade and Rodrigo Pantigas (CPO).

The trio had one thing in mind when they left their last job - to disrupt the market research and consumer insights industries by shortening the cycle from consumer data to insights with AI and natural language processing (NLP). 

Their goal is simple. They want marketing and consumer insights executives, especially those working in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sectors, to stop wasting time trying to analyze and make sense of the huge amount of data presented through tools such as social listening, survey collection, review management, and CRM. Instead, they should utilize marketing intelligence tools which provide granular and real-time insights of consumers’ perceptions about their products, and optimize marketing campaigns accordingly.

Birdie Platform

For example, in the Birdie platform, brands can find actionable recommendations about how to make better use of their marketing channels and content.

How did this company come about?

In a recent interview with SparkAmpLab, Osorio explains that her previous responsibilities required her to identify trends and needs in marketing that could be solved with a new product or service. Osorio saw that the growth in e-commerce sales led to growth in consumer-generated content and digital marketing, so that the online footprint of consumers and brands also grew exponentially. 

“I started working on a project to think of ways to do that and got into the world of insights, artificial intelligence and data visualization. Suddenly me, Rodrigo, and Alex were 100% passionate about the idea of building a scalable and global tech company that used data to generate insights that would help improve the buying experience for consumers. That’s when we decided that we should pursue it, and speaking to our partners, we agreed that Birdie’s value proposition was too different from the one from our parent company, so we left Arizona to start this business,” Osorio says. 

The need for an advanced marketing insight platform like Birdie is urgent. According to a 2019 Gartner report, by 2023, up to 60% of marketing analytics departments will be cut by half because they can’t prove their ROI. 

Actionable insights into the buying journey

Birdie uses AI and NLP to process large volumes of unstructured data from different sources of consumer data and break them down into detailed insights about the consumer buying journey. These insights help executives improve their products and services based on analyzed customer feedback, and adjust overall brand positioning as well as sales channel strategies.

Consumer resources include data like e-commerce reviews, discussion forums, social networks and customer service tickets, etc.

We asked Osorio why the social monitoring tools businesses currently rely on may not be effective for Birdie’s target clients like Samsung and P&G. 

“The short answer to this question is that social listening tools are great for listening, but not for analyzing data and generating insights, and companies are now discovering that the hard part is the second, especially when there is an ever-growing amount of data available.”

So, how is Birdie’s approach different? Osorio emphasizes that Birdie is not a social listening tool but a data intelligence tool. Traditional tools focus on listening and engagement, whereas Birdie focuses on intelligence and insights. 

Birdie Platform

Birdie’s core is to capture and process huge amounts of data to find out what is standing out among all that data and structure that in views that quickly show what matters, Osorio explains.

One thing about Birdie that’s worth mentioning is the company’s business-oriented service, which means it categorizes data into business aspects related to a company’s strategy, personas, product attributes, service aspects, and buying experience.

In light of the current global pandemic, Birdie is helping clients assess the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and consumers. Birdie can identify how COVID-19 has impacted consumer behavior when it comes to changing attitudes about most valued product attributes, preferred buying experiences, as well as new buying personas that emerged during the period.

A trailblazer for women in tech

By simply being a tech co-founder, Osorio is setting an example for other women in tech. As she says, the main issue with women in tech is the lack of examples to inspire and lead. Osorio believes it’s important that the world see examples of women who are successful in different fields, from building great startups to leading corporations or being rocket scientists.

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The thing is, tech is known for its struggles with diversity. Osorio wants to embrace that diversity.

Birdie Co-founder & CMO Patricia Osorio

She points out that we should not only understand the differences between men and women, but we should use this diversity to build a much richer environment, one where everyone is respected and can showcase the best of their abilities. 

“Birdie’s mission is to amplify the voice of the consumer, making it get to brands without noise so they can use that data to improve their products and services – which goes back to the consumer. Internally, we have a similar purpose: we want to amplify the voice of all communities inside Birdie, making sure we are giving opportunities to the most diverse groups. We strongly believe that in diversity lies strength, and that having a diverse team will make us better people and better professionals: less biased, more empathetic, more human.” 

Birdie team

 As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Osorio makes sure that Birdie is an accessible environment for the most diverse groups.

Birdie team

“To ensure that happens we make sure to state publicly that we embrace any community and that we value and respect each one’s individuality, and we have internal goals of hiring minorities. The fact that I now openly talk about me being gay and that we share our fears and doubts with the team also helps: you can see that other people in the company start to talk about their personal lives without fear, creating a sense of trust and collectivity among us.”

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