[Startup News] Blueseeds: Sowing the Seeds of Innovation with 100% Natural Products

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
August 6, 2020

For a long time, upscale personal care brands have alluded that customers do not buy sustainable products, using that as an excuse for not manufacturing them. But things have now finally changed, as revealed by a recent study from the NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business: “50% of CPG growth from 2013 to 2018 came from sustainability-marketed products”. 

With the cosmetic industry on its way to becoming a trillion dollar industry by the next decade, this Taipei-based startup offering 100% environment-friendly household products shows that sustainable products are now seeing the most growth in the realm of consumer packaged goods. 

Founded four years ago in Taiwan, Blueseeds is a pioneer in the realm of developing natural personal care products that are not only 100% natural but are also following a whole herb value chain. The startup, or rather social enterprise, is making strides when it comes to ensuring that the health and wellbeing of the individuals involved in the supply chain is protected. 

The founder, Ms. Stephanie Chan, was a driven and successful female entrepreneur who had two tech companies of her own. After years of using personal care products that were full of artificial chemicals, she suffered serious toxic damage to her skin. 

Recognizing that the artificial substances such as chemical hormones in her shampoo and body wash were the reasons behind her health issues, she, like any other ingenious entrepreneur, decided to address her personal pain points and started a venture that made natural and sustainable products. From shampoos to handwashes, Blueseeds makes a number of 100% natural personal care products that are PETA Cruelty Free & Vegan certified and are now enjoying a growing user base. 

Image courtesy of Blueseeds

A few distinct advantages possessed by Blueseeds include knowledge of sustainable farming and proprietary natural extraction that ensures that the integrity of the herbs remain protected. 

Blueseeds is among the few sustainability-minded companies that is producing profitable natural products while implementing the latest technologies such as blockchain. While most sustainable companies manufacture products that the world needs, they often fall short on the sales front and end up going defunct. The startup, therefore, leverages an innovative B2B CSR as well as a subscription-based business model to ensure that it stays profitable while serving a social cause. 

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