Brezze: A Power Bank Rental Startup Making Travel Charging Effortless

Anthony Mosavi
December 13, 2019

If you are reading this on your smartphone device, you are not alone. One out of every two people is accessing the internet and consuming a myriad of content from their smartphones alone. From setting a morning alarm to tracking sleep, smartphones are a reliable companion that almost never let us down, except for when they are out of charge. Luckily, a Singapore-based startup known as ‘Brezze’ has come to the rescue by offering power banks on rent. Available across most public locations such as transport hubs, public malls, and other major locations in Singapore, one can grab a power bank from a remote ‘Brezze station’ and deposit back at any such station after use.

With a high media activity in the realm of consumer good startups, as stated by the KPMG startup trends index, the Singapore-based consumer electronics startup is making the rounds in the startup community.

Study: 72% smartphone users carry no battery backup

An interesting study conducted on phone-battery statistics reveals several key insights into users’ equation with battery percentage. On average, users charged their smartphones twice every day, with only 4% carrying a charging adapter and 6% carrying a portable charger. However, nearly six out of every ten smartphone users complained of a ‘low-battery anxiety’ highlighting the significance of a sufficiently charged smartphone.

At a juncture where smartphone charging has become a major hassle for most people, a portable on-the-go solution such as a remote power bank rental facility is no less than a blessing in disguise. Brezze was born out of the founder Jimmy Goh’s 16-year-experience in the cable, casing, and chargers business combined with his desire to grow the company in the exciting domain of vending machines.

“Brezze is ideal for those who travel a lot, as they can get a battery pack at one point, say at a train station, and return it at their final destination,” says Mr. Goh.

Here’s how Brezze makes travel charging hassle-free

Brezze facilitates an easy power bank sharing and travel charging. Users simply need to sign up on the Brezze app (currently available on AppStore and Google PlayStore) and search for the nearest Brezze station, collect the power bank and return it at any other nearby station at their ease. To make matters easier, the entire power bank rental process is automated as the Brezze stations are essentially power bank vending machines with a QR code.

Here’s how power bank rental with Brezze works: Scan QR code at the station and unlock a power-bank; pick up the power bank, use, and return it back at any station and insert back into the charging slot. Users are billed after returning the power bank and will receive a receipt promptly. Now, users are no longer burdened with carrying hefty power banks and can utilize the services of Brezze for easy travel charging.

Brezze charges users by usage only, making it extremely affordable and user-friendly. All users are offered a free 30-minute charging every day, followed by which they will be charged a measly $0.39/hour thereafter. Users can start renting only after purchasing credits for at least $2.00; children and young-adults with no credit cards can simply opt for the ‘family plan’ and share the credit-balance with their parents or guardians.

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Future plans of the Singaporean startup

As of now, the power bank rental startup is currently seeing north of 3,000 daily users and the mobile-app has been downloaded over 14,000 times. Brezze CEO Mr. Goh hopes to expand the Brezze business model across other markets to create a “cross-border power bank rental system.” The 2019 edition of annual Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Las Vegas has seen the power bank sharing startup making the rounds. Word has it that the startup is already in talks with partnering deals across exciting markets such as Russia, Japan, Nigeria, and the Netherlands.

With smartphone charging being an everyday need of 3 billion smartphone users across the world, Brezze is a potential powerhouse for investors around the globe. Their exhibition at CES2020 is supported by Enterprise Singapore.

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