[Startup News] Brightwheel Connects the Dots for Educators, Children and their Parents

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
August 1, 2019

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Caregivers working in preschool facilities should always be armed with positive energy to stay on top of situations anything but ordinary. Developing delicate minds, making sure to meet all their needs, and being one’s own manager is already a handful. How does one achieve all that while keeping a busy mom or dad posted on all details to give them the little ones the family experience they deserve? 

It is by answering all of the above and going a few steps further that Brightwheel became the leading software provider in the domain of early education. It comes with pre-loaded State learning & DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profile) standards, helping early education providers to establish common ground. The learning plan comes with a human touch, can be tailored to a specific development network for getting the most out of each student through customizable lesson plans. 

Log Attendance, Automate Worksheets, Engaging Reports

Brightwheel ushers in a novelty with digital signatures, more convenient and harder to forge than a normal one, for check-ins, attendance reports and logging absence. More so, a classroom ventures deeper into the digital through the kiosk mode, where any available device can act as a self-service point. 

Acting as an accountant in the palm of a hand Brightwheel allows for invoicing, accepting, and scheduling multiple forms of payment, even individual plans discounts. Enveloping a large part of a facilities administration, together with the built-in licensing and billing modules, Brightwheel can help keep a facility clutter free.

Decluttering the classroom goes side-by-side with no a shortage of hands on deck with Brightwheels student to teacher ratios, which are operation critical for accurate staff forecasts. Planning can be a nightmare for parents too, so the option to make a last minute change and assign a replacement for a pick-up or a drop off can be a life-saver.

For both facilities and parents, Brightwheel transforms daycare into systematic early education. It begins with sophisticated daily reports enhanced with pictures, videos, and personalized notes. Brightwheel shines through, coordinating a media sharing network between staff and parents. 

Technology can be beautiful for the right purpose, making parents enjoy those precious moments with their kids as if they were right then and there. While the strong emotional response it evoked from parents was quick to make headlines, Brightwheel is far from a one trick pony. It would be a shame to overlook the impressive workflow management system that frees up the time and energy so educators can stay in good humor and do the best they can to animate the classroom.

Learning Platform, Billing & Management Features

Videos and photos serve a purpose in the course of study itself, finally giving non-verbal communication the time of day. All staff members can share voice recordings and together with visual materials, assessments made are an elaborate group effort. 

All personnel has access to a unified database with a wide range of data, from food allergies to factor into a child’s diet, to a list of backup contacts. In case parents need a point of notice, Brightwheel’s calendar, alerts, and messaging make sure nothing goes past them. They’ll never miss a feat or a first for their youngsters either because the two-way school communication channel is always open. 

It’s highly likely that’s why parents give Brightwell a perfect score.


Brightwheel got a head start upgrading all qualities of education centers, giving parents the opportunity to spend quality time with children, for a better quality of life overall.

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