CancerFree Biotech Levels Up the Cancel Treatment Process

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
September 17, 2021

In 2021 alone, it is estimated there will be 1.9 million new cancer cases. With so many new cases added every year, we are yet to find the optimal process for determining the right targeted treatment drugs for cancer patients. Solutions to this are few and far, and the trial period for finding the right drugs can be difficult for the patients. 

However, more solutions are popping up, including genetic testing, tumor derived organoids, and CancerFree’s proprietary E.V.A. platform. As the world’s first commercialized circulating tumor cell culture service, this system is based on innovative precision medicine, focusing on in-vitro-amplification of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and analyzing these to create a drug screening report for cancer patients of all stages. 

A cutting-edge system

To create these personalized drug treatment plans, the company focuses on the use of Circulating Tumor Cell-Derived Organoid (CDO) culture. A blood sample is taken from patients, after which it goes through the company’s proprietary platform E.V.A. (Ex Vivo Avatar).

This platform provides a precision drug screening report that establishes personalized tumor models, which helps doctors find the right treatment drugs in time. The program has already helped over 700 clinical cases, with more than 70 patients.

The benefits

Before EVA Select, the most common drug screening methods were in vitro human cancer cell lines, in vivo tumor xenograft models, and DNA models. However, CancerFree’s approach has advantages over these three.

To start off, the test is more time-efficient, and can test for chemotherapy, hormone, and targeted therapy drugs. Additionally, it uses a blood sample, a non-invasive method in contrast to the necessary surgery for the other methods. As of now, the test can be used for over 100 types of solid tumors.

It is remarkable that an optimized anti-cancer strategy can be developed in time to achieve a greater rate of disease control at such speed. “If a cancer patient is treated by the standard guidelines, the disease control rate would be less than 30%, but with [our services, this can reach] 77%,” says Jessie Chen, the company’s Chief Growth Officer. “This is a great improvement, and it is also the spirit of precision medicine.”

CancerFree Biotech is dedicated to making its service more accessible, by reducing labor load, cost, and service prices, while still maintaining the highest level of test quality.

Future plans

The COVID-19 pandemic, although having decreased patients with a lower number of people going to hospitals, has allowed the company to maintain contact with physicians, strengthen digital marketing, and actively participate in online seminars, hoping to increase brand awareness.

In addition to expanding the uses of their platform, the company is also aiming to make a mark in the overseas markets. Jessie notes that the U.S. market would be their top priority as they have already received initial positive feedback from local physicians regarding their testing efficiency, quality and service fee. 

Looking forward, The company plans to automate its tests by establishing an AI recognition system that reduces manual errors and speeds the quality control process, as well as implementing its personalized drug screening report platform into other realms of the industry, such as cell therapy and new drug developments.

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