Our Guide To Promising Startups @ CES 2019 Eureka Park

Chien Lee
December 13, 2018

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CES is the largest tech event on earth. As the global stage for innovation, Eureka Park hosts more than 1000 startups from every corner of the globe. Meet exciting new ideas, innovative technologies, and great stories here!

Here is SparkAmplify’s guide to some of the tops startups exhibiting at CES 2019, according to our industry-first SP index. Read about what they do and their past coverages.

Top Categories of Eureka Park @ CES 2019 *with highest SP Index

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Data & Analytics
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Platforms


  • Quantmetry (France) A consulting firm specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data that supports its clients in the strategic and operational implementation of projects.

  • Just Mining (France)Just Mining is a company specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Their objective is to make this technology accessible to everyone.
  • Magnea (Sweden)Magneas vision is to make physical activity as natural as pharma or surgery when it comes to prevention and treatment within healthcare and eldercare.Magnea has developed a unique  wearable IoT sensor and motion detection system. Using machine learning Magnea detects and prevents falls. ‍
  • Orqa (Croatia)Orqa is technology company specialising in First Person View and Remote Reality technology.‍
  • onTrack (France)onTracks is an innovative technology company specializing in the field of haptic connected devices and navigation.


  • Waverly Labs Inc. (USA)Waverly Labs was founded in 2014 at the convergence of speech translation and wearable technology. We're developing Pilot, the world's first smart earpiece language translator. Pilot uses the latest technologies in speech recognition, machine translation and wearable technology to allow users to converse without language barriers.

  • ViVoka (France)Vivoka is a startup specialized in home automation, which is why Zac was created. Indeed, Zac is a holographic raccoon able to control all the connected objects of your home in an intuitive way: by the voice and other companies.‍
  • Meersens (France) Meersens is a unique solution (Apps + IoT) in the world that allows consumers to test their immediate environment that may have an impact on their health: Air and water quality, UVs, harmful waves, allergens, pesticides… and propose solutions to avoid/reduce those risks.‍
  • Nura (Australia)Nura, powered and operated by Nuraloop, is a manufacturing company that delivers perfect sound to every individual.‍
  • Toposens (Germany)The startup focuses on the automotive and robotics markets and equips autonomous vehicles enabling applications like autonomous parking, collision avoidance and mapping. 3D ultrasound enables autonomous vehicles to find their way around also in difficult and unstructured environments.

Data & Analytics

  • NanoScent (Israel)NanoScent brings scent recognition into the digital space. It’s carefully designed to connect scent recognition with business, applying artificial intelligence to data collected scents, to open a new frontier for connected devices.‍

  • WayCare (Israel)Waycare optimizes city traffic management by harnessing vast amounts of in-vehicle data and legacy systems for predictive insights. Leveraging machine learning and AI, Waycare synthesizes all data sets and provides actionable real-time insights and forward-looking alerts to identify near-term dangerous roads.
  • Gradiant (Spain)Gradiant is a biometric tecnology provider for Authentication and Digital Onboarding / KYC processes. Biometrics by Gradiant is secure, frictionless and privacy protective.
  • Anagog Ltd (Israel)Anagog is the pioneer of on-device artificial intelligence solutions that turn mobile phones into personal data engines, all while fiercely protecting each user’s privacy. By gathering and analyzing user behavior collected by the phone’s built-in sensors, Anagog’s AI solution understands user’s location, activity and more, enabling prediction of future movements and offering contextual services that improve the user experience.
  • Mycroft AI (USA)Mycroft is the world's first open source artificial intelligence platform; an AI for everyone. We are the open source community's answer to Siri and Amazon Echo. We provide a natural language platform that makes it easy to integrate and control a wide assortment of smart devices and streaming media.

Media and Entertainment

  • Parkki (France)Parkki is the world's first digital solution able to solve the huge problem of car parking in smart cities. Based on a machine learning software and smart sensors installed on street lamps, it helps parking managers and drivers reducing traffic jam and pollution.‍

  • Mobile Pixels, Inc. (USA)MIT and NEU backed consumer electronic startup. They launched their first product, DUO, on crowdsourcing platforms and have already raised more than $1 million in sales.
  • DreaminzZz (France)DreaminzZz presents HYPNOS, the first connected hypnosis mask of the market. Its mobile application and its many sessions offer the user access to many themes such as motivation, concentration, pain management, relaxation or recovery in a playful and autonomous way. A unique experience at the service of well being.
  • Lunii (USA)Lunii is an alternative tool to screens for kids. The Storyteller allows kids from 3 to 8 years old to make their own audio story by choosing different elements (a hero, an object, a second character and a setting). The Storyteller automagically tells them a story based on their own choices. The product is design with no emission, no screens.


  • We Rescue (USA)We Rescue offers motorcyclists new solutions to optimize accident reporting without interfering with the riding experience, nor the rider's privacy. We Rescue develops safety device for motorcycle.‍
  • Smart IoT Labs (Spain)Smart IoT Labs is developing a new Virtual Assistant generation for your home, more intelligent, proactive and autonomous than the currently Smart Speakers available. Through the use of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms and data gathered by its Super-Sensors, the assistant “senses” the house, learns family habits, reasons and decides how to act without receiving explicit commands.‍

  • SpeakSee (Netherlands)SpeakSee offers a breakthrough microphone system that identifies each speaker in a conversation and transcribes it to text, into a smartphone app, so that persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing can effectively participate in conversations and lectures.
  • Talamoos (Israel)Talamoos is a leading AI and Big Data based prediction platform, deployed at critical government and commercial institutions. Talamoos prediction platform provides state of the art predictions, personalization and recommendations. The platform predicts in real time what users would like to do next in order to increase revenues and engagements.

Top placements by company

Just Mining
Waverly Labs Inc.


Anagog Ltd
Mycroft AI
Mobile Pixels, Inc.
We Rescue
Smart IoT Labs

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