Check Out Popsical, The Future of Karaoke

Benerva Suarez
December 18, 2019

Quite recently, the South Korean boy band BTS performed at London’s Wembley Stadium in front of a massive crowd of over 70,000 fans. The massive popularity of such bands and Idol groups coming out of singing talent shows has started a global fever on social media.

Apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are flooded with budding singers who want to catch a glimpse of the limelight by showcasing their vocal talents and becoming famous. It is probably one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of portable karaoke devices. Originally launched in Japan, karaoke became highly popular in Asian countries before reaching the US and Europe.

Karaoke has always been enjoyed by the people amongst their friends and family. With the changing dynamics of society, people now prefer to have a karaoke night at their homes rather than at a public karaoke place.

This massive shift has created a great demand for portable Karaoke devices that people can use at their homes. One such device is the Popsical by Charaku.   

Popsical: The smart karaoke

Popsical has been making waves throughout Asia for its innovative design and special features. With a sophisticated combination of hardware and software, the device delivers dedicated plug-n-play support and a peppy interface to the Karaoke lovers.

As per Faruq Marican, co-founder and CEO of Charaku, “Popsical is the future of Karaoke." One key advantage against any other karaoke machine is its lightweight and small size that adds to its portability factor. Also, with its cloud-based storage, users get access to an endless library of songs.

"With our licensed self-updating cloud music content in 14 languages, streaming device, two wireless microphones, pitch corrector for your best voice and seamless mobile app -  it is, as acknowledged by Stuff Asia, the "Best Home Karaoke System", ever," said Marican.

Being an extremely lightweight and stylish gadget, the Popsical easily blends into any environment. With internet access, users can easily browse a massive library of songs, that too available in multiple languages. For its innovative and intuitive design, the Popsical Remix has been awarded as the Best Home Karaoke System in the Asia Tech Awards 2018-19.

With the Popsical app, users can also create a playlist directly from their smartphones. For the fans who want to showcase their singing skills to the world, the Popsical Cam provides the ultimate live experience to directly stream on Facebook Live.

With support from Enterprise Singapore, Charaku will showcase the Poposical at the upcoming CES2020 event, allowing users from all over the world to enjoy its benefits. When launched in the market, the portable device will cost roughly $199. Users can pay extra for the add-on speakers and wireless microphones. 

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