Cold-brew Made Easy: FREDDA

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October 11, 2020

Coffee’s Evolving Appeal: 

The magical aroma of coffee has delighted human senses for hundreds of years. Now that we are in the 21st century—a time possessing unparalleled technology—coffee is still as popular as ever, boasting all sorts of flavors and brewing techniques. And cold brew is just one of the hottest and latest trends to hit the market, reemerging in popularity long after its invention. Seeing this trend as the perfect opportunity for innovation, more and more businesses are now tapping into this growing audience of cold-brew loyalists. 

The Problem at Hand: 

Cold brewing is normally a time-consuming process, taking anywhere from 12-24 hours to prepare.  For coffee providers, whether it be chain stores or cafes, it is one that is costly as well. Furthermore, coffee is traditionally a beverage made quickly and served hot, unlike cold-brew, which carries a higher food safety risk due to it being produced without heat and stored for extended periods of time at room temperature. Any business wanting to serve cold-brew successfully will need to tackle these challenges safely and satisfactorily. 

Introducing FREDDA: 

This is where IIC’s FREDDA comes into play. Showcasing the prowess of coffee-making technology, the patented FREDDA solution makes creating the perfect cold brew faster, easier, and more efficient than ever, with its wide suite of functions. 

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FREDDA: the next step of cold-brewing technology


  • Quick and efficient, ready-to-drink process (3-5 minutes)
  • Intelligent digital interface allowing for adjustment of parameters and formulas
  • High-precision digital control system for stable and consistent cup output

Together, these features all come in one convenient package to make the cold-brew process none like any other currently existing in the market.

FREDDA Results at Work:  

Important criterias to consider for coffee machines include brewing speed and overall taste, criterias that FREDDA  excellently covers, in comparison to similarly branded competitors. The OXO Cold Brew Maker is one of the best of 2020, however its brewing speed, is still outclassed by that of FREDDA’s. The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System, although also boasting a 5 minute brewing time, suffers from lighter and weaker flavor according to reviews. And Toddy, another popular cold brew option used by many, raises questions about freshness due to it steeping in room temperature and in a container. 

The FREDDA solution successfully addresses all of these issues. Whereas OXO takes 12-24 hours to brew, FREDDA can accomplish results in just a fraction of the time. With its ability to provide ready-to-drink cold brew, not only are coffee stores able to serve more customers on the spot, but the drinks served are fresher, preventing the potential health concerns raised by Toddy. Employees are also saved from having to spend more time and energy on brewing. Not only does FREDDA improve by being able to quickly produce cold brew, its result is one that possesses a pure and smooth flavor, with a layered finish.

FREDDA’s results, versus competitors

As the diagram above illustrates, FREDDA’s results highlight it as a top-performing choice in the field of cold-brewing, improving on the areas of brewing speed, food safety, and efficiency. 

IIC’s Proven Record of Success: 

FREDDA is IIC’s newest and upcoming solution, slated to release soon in the market. IIC’s previous existing products have already garnered stellar reviews from customers, with one such example being new cold-brew product ZIGGY. Having been commercially adopted by coffee hardware company Hiroia, ZIGGY has utilized FREDDA for a successful launch. 

Revealed to distributors globally across the countries of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China,  ZIGGY has gathered over 90% positive feedback  regarding its innovation and amazingly produced coffee flavor. Shuzo Matsumura, managing director of glass manufacturer HARIO agrees. “ZIGGY has created a brand-new type of coffee category, it’s totally different than traditional cold brew.”

In addition, when presented at the Greater China Coffee Elite Forum 2019, a gathering of coffee brand founders and coffee specialists, the FREDDA solution also earned much praise from industry professionals including Jason Wang, president of JASCAFFE, the biggest current coffee equipment distributor and maintenance company in China. This is the best coffee I have ever drank.” said Wang.

With IIC’s track record of positive feedback and acclaim, FREDDA is surely poised to be another success for coffee-lovers. 

A Gateway into the Future of Coffee-Making: 

Priding themselves as forerunners in the latest trends, IIC values and understands the growing importance of technology in everyday life. With ZIGGY leading the way as an example, they aim on connecting the coffee industry through the establishment of an AIoT cloud coffee platform, offering services such as recipe management, business analysis, and intelligent equipment maintenance. 

In particular, creating and sharing recipes online is now as simple as one click away on mobile devices— a boon for those looking to expand their recipe repertoire. Businesses may also receive brewing data from shops all around the globe for data analytics. In addition, while equipment maintenance may have been a costly, if not, frustrating process in the past, intelligent maintenance and real-time diagnosis makes sure that the process is as quick and smooth as possible. 

Coffee Worldwide: A Connected Cloud Platform

With WiFi at hand, the coffee industry can now expand past the limitations of traditional business, seamlessly ushering in a future where coffee meets technology.

The Ideal Option: 

No longer does the cold-brew process have to be slow and time-consuming: FREDDA helps alleviate that burden for a delicious result. Consisting of features targeting brewing time, food safety, and cost effectiveness, it is the optimal choice for delving into the potential cold brew audience. Additional functions offered with a connected cloud platform further allows users to expand their options when it comes to business or maintaining their equipment. With FREDDA, coffee manufacturers can now feel more empowered to successfully enter this ever-popular and thriving cold-brew coffee market. 

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