Our experience at Collision 2019 @Toronto

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May 30, 2019

In May, SparkAmplify spent two weeks at Toronto for Collision which is a biggest startup event in North America. It’s the second time SparkAmplify participating Collision. Last year we had a fruitful Collision in New Orleans.

(SparkAmplify in Beta section of Collision 2018, and it's always happy to meet our user.)

After an intense 3-day at Collision Toronto 2019, there are some inspirations and experiences we would like to share and can be divided into three parts:

  • What SparkAmplify did for Collision
  • The Collision: can’t-miss forums, startups and more
  • The startup ecosystem in Toronto

What SparkAmplify did for Collision

Collision was a good way to present SparkAmplify’s service in North America. By inviting all the exhibitors to test-driving SparkAmplify's service before the event , there were 40+ startups participating - Collision 2019 On-Demand Press Conference.

(40+ exhibitors on Collision On-Demand Press Conference)

Also, we had a chance to schedule meetings with some customers during the event, we received valuable feedback from them. This year SparkAmplify joined Collision with Taiwan Startup Stadium and other 4 Taiwan startups.

Know more about #Taiwanrocks Startup => https://event.sparkamplify.com/taiwan-startup-stadium/2019collision

The Collision: can’t-miss forums, startups and more

It is the first year Collision@ Toronto, and will be here for 3 year. Some numbers from organizer

25,711 attendees from 125 countries are joining us at Collision. They’ll hear from 730 speakers across our 15 tracks, debating the most pressing issues in tech and the world.

Among our 25,711 attendees, over 100 trade delegations from over 55 countries have travelled to Canada to join us. Here are the top 5 most represented countries.

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong

Opening Night

One of the most appealing talks is In conversation with Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister had a discussion with Shahrzad, the founder of Broadband TV. Then followed by 16 startups with 3 minutes pitch.

3 days non-stop Forums

Forums differ from Centre Stage, Content makers, SaaS, HealthCare, Women in tech and pitch competitions. It's cool to meet Jeremy, the editor in chief of Digital Trends who SparkAmplify has been contacted before.

(Jeremy and founder discussed about AI's broader impact on our lives)

Alpha & Beta section

Besides the all types of forums, startup sections of course is another highlights in event. There are several alpha and beta sections in the exhibition and the startups in these sections may change everyday.

(one of the Beta section)
(one of the Alpha section)

The startup ecosystem in Toronto

Besides the event Collision, SparkAmplify, Taiwan startup stadium and other Taiwan startups had some opportunities to know more about local startup ecosystem.There are the 2 big startup organization we've visited this time.


"The DMZ is a world leading accelerator for tech startups in Canada. They help startups build great businesses by connecting them with customers, capital, experts and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers." It's quite similar to what Taiwan Startup Stadium does for Taiwan startups.

Besides a brief workshop by Micheal, an investor and startup founder. we also encountered the Networking day of DMZ. It usually happens every Friday afternoon, all the startups in DMZ would share some lessons from last week like customer crisis, successful stories.

(workshop at DMZ)
(Networking day in DMZ)


"MaRS is a launchpad for startups, a platform for researchers and a home to innovators." During Collision, MaRS is open for touring. Collision exhibitors may took this chance to have more engagement with local startups and find potential partners for soft landing.

This time, SparkAmplify got some traction during Collision 2019@Toronto; it's a good initial for us to expand our market in Canada.

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