[Latest Information Startup News] Combat COVID-19: Biofourmis Provides AI-based Remote Monitoring Program

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
May 5, 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 3,33,000 deaths all around the world. One of the biggest challenges to healthcare workers and physicians lies in countering the sudden health deterioration in infected patients.

Biofourmis – a Singapore based firm has developed Biovitals, an AI-based therapeutic decision support platform that empowers patients with tools for post-acute monitoring. It works by analyzing data obtained from different wearable sensors to create biomarkers unique to an individual. These biomarkers can be used to detect changes in a patient’s health status, faster than ever before. 

With the rising number of coronavirus cases globally, Biovitals can play an important role in the healthcare of COVID-19 patients. As per Kuldeep Singh Rajput, co-founder of Biofourmis, “Early detection of COVID-19 deterioration is crucial for healthcare providers to intervene and prevent a serious medical condition.”

The platform is already being used by a team of University of Hong Kong and Harmony Medical to develop a remote-monitoring and disease-surveillance program to monitor patients potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus. The program will proliferate early identification and detection of any sudden physiological changes in the health of the patients.

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Innovations in the patient care sector

Technology has played a crucial role in the development of the patient care sector with innovations aimed at streamlining the way healthcare is delivered. 

One such innovation is the Appto Health which focuses on reducing hospital readmission costs and increasing engagement with its voice-first omnichannel virtual assistants. It also helps medical professionals mitigate any chance of human error by automating X-rays, CT scan examinations, and manual data inputs. 

The service also provides a front-office automation platform to automate patient scheduling, obtaining patient feedback, and providing a prompt answer to customer queries through phone and AI-powered chatbots.

AI and data-driven techniques provide an innovative approach to cater to the modern-day requirements of the healthcare sector. While their large-scale implementation in the medical sector has still a long way to go, firms like Biofourmis and Appto Health certainly make a strong case for the ongoing research in this domain.

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