[Tech News in Startup] On the Planet Seren, We Can All Start Over Again

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
October 1, 2020

Tired of life on Earth? Then consider life on Seren, a planet in the MMO (massively multiplayer online game), Life Beyond. Created by Paris-based Darewise Entertainment, Life Beyond is still in closed alpha testing and inviting passionate gamers who are already active members of online game communities to share feedback on their gameplay experiences. 

CEO and founder Benjamin Charbit is adamant on not spending years developing a game no one wants to play. That’s why he’s getting early feedback on the game from players, that way the company can actually create an online game catered to player interests. 

A man with a vision

Life Beyond is a very ambitious project that one would expect to take years to complete. When asked about this, Charbit told Wccftech, ‘’I never want to finish it. Darewise, today, is the developer of a single game. And I don't want to make another game. I want to make the game.’’

His vision is a game that a generation is going to play; a kind of game that you can play throughout your life, forming a part of your personal reality. He recalls how he felt when he played World of Warcraft as a child, saying that for him it was ‘’…beyond the game, you know, it was almost a lifestyle and a hobby.’’

That is what Darewise is trying to do, but it’s impossible without the input of people who play video games, says Charbit.

“Life Beyond is what I like to call a ‘multi-genre gameplay experience,'” Darewise lead designer, Brad Lansford, says in an intro video. “The new name reflects our ambition to create an online world that’s much more than a game. We’re planting the seeds for a virtual society to live and grow.”

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Making money playing video games

Video gaming is a real money-spinner, with the mobile gaming market alone worth over $77 billion in 2020. The industry depends on consumers paying for games, revenue generated through in-game advertising, and gamers spending real money on virtual transactions or items as their three main monetization models to create massive profit. 

Darewise’s Life Beyond, built with a free-market, community-driven economy, will be free to all players. Gamers will be able to sell skills, services, and products for real money while building a new world on Seren. 

According to the company release, the Seren economy was developed with the help of DMarket’s plug-and-play solution, enabling players to trade in-game items among themselves, and earn real money in the online social world.

By letting players make money from a virtual economy, Darewise will earn a small fee from every P2P trade as well as a percentage on primary item sales.

The tech

Built on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, the proprietary tech behind Darewise includes Wiseworld, a tool that generates and rapidly expands large worlds, and Orchestrator, while also employing Improbable's cloud-based platform, SpatialOS. 

It is these technologies that are making it possible to create a complex and persistent universe of game worlds. 

To make all this tech create these vast worlds and enable innumerable activities within them, Darewise has at its disposal gaming industry professionals from famous studios such as 2K, Rockstar, Crytek, Ubisoft, and CD Projekt. This list includes Charbit himself, who previously worked as the director of monetization at Ubisoft.

In July 2020, Darewise raised more than $3 million in a seed round of funding, surpassing their previous amount of $ 1 million.

The latest investment round was led by Serena, a European venture capital firm, and joined by another venture capital company, Lakestar. The funds were earmarked for the employment of experienced developers and to accelerate the development of Life Beyond.

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