[Startup News] Digital Health Care Merges Technology and Your Phone to Create a Personal Health Assistant

Chien Lee
August 6, 2019

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Many health related issues are often ignored because of the high cost of a visit to the doctor’s office. Asking friends can be a disaster as people’s opinions are numerous and it may not be founded on fact or research. In fact, relying on opinions from friends and colleagues can be risky for your health. Getting some solid advice can be a great challenge. But this new startup, K Health, has created a healthcare app as the solution for such a dilemma. 

Dumping Dr. Google

Even for most health related questions, people are drawn toward search engines such as Google. On K Health’s website, they have given a clear statement: “Dr. Google doesn’t know your health, and doctor visits can be expensive and inconvenient.” Many websites optimized with SEO keywords may come up on search engine results, but they may not produce articles founded on solid research or on the expertise of qualified doctors. 

Information from thousands of doctors treating actual patients have been utilized in training K Health’s AI. Using treatment records of thousands of patients with similar symptoms, this smart healthcare source is a viable option for people seeking medical advice. Along with the resourcefulness of this app, they make a clear statement that the app is not a substitute for a doctor’s professional advice.  

Exploring the App

The app begins the process by asking users to identify their symptoms. Its user friendly interface takes through a series of questions that may take about two or three minutes to complete. This leads you to the next step of exploring the possible conditions and the suggested treatments according to the symptoms and the user information.

In its final step, the users have the option to chat with a doctor affiliated with K Health. These doctors can legally and efficiently diagnose the situation, order lab tests, and they can prescribe medications. This is the premium aspect of the app and the user will need to pay an amount that is less than an insurance copay. 

Funding the Next Healthcare Experience

Digital healthcare is the next step toward empowering people with efficient health care advice. As a progressive startup, K Health has attracted the attention of investors and has effectively raised $25 Million in Series B financing. The financing was led by 14W, Comcast Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners, and some involvement by Lerer Hippeau, BoxGroup and Max Ventures. It is significant to point out that these are all prior investors from the company’s Series A rounds. 

With their smart healthcare app, they are intent on providing efficiently curated health information that’s personalized for its users. This free app is free to use and the company claims it has over 500,000 users already. This digital healthcare app incorporates the clinical data of more than 2 Billion health records that have been compiled for over 20 years. This provides for a more balanced and substantial user experience. 

As K Health continues to improve its healthcare app, users will continue receiving better and solid answers for health related questions. And as their network of affiliated doctors continue to expand, more users will have access to direct advice from experts in the field as well. In all aspects, K Health is on a good move toward empowering people across the globe. 

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