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SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
December 5, 2021

In Helsinki, Finland, a group of audio engineers, music educators, software developers, game designers, marketers, and visual artists have come together to offer the world a new way to learn to play a musical instrument. 

Their efforts have resulted in Yousician, an app that teaches you how to play a musical instrument in your own time and place. Through videos, animations and feedback, the app teaches you to master the guitar, bass, piano, ukulele or voice. Just like a teacher, the app can hear how you are playing or singing and give you immediate feedback so you can fine-tune your skills. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Yousician might be a good place for people to utilize their quarantine periods at home with these game-like apps to learn new skills. 

Yousician has become the largest music Ed-tech company in the world with more than 25 million users worldwide. Just last summer, the company’s celebrated guitar tuning app GuitarTuna hit 100 million downloads. 

According to SensorTower, Yousician’s mobile app revenue reached $1m in March alone, with an impressive 4 million downloads of its total 9 apps. Their top-grossing app last month was Yousician: Your Music Teacher and their most downloaded app was GuitarTuna.

The company believes that each of us has an individual musical identity. The “You” in Yousician reflects this, as does the fingerprint in the company logo. The Yousician mission is to help everyone discover and develop their own musical identity so the world can be a more musical place.

Music learning goes online

Music learning has been going online for a while already. The global online music learning market was valued at $ 96.1 million in 2018. This development has come about as a result of the increased use of the internet and the proliferation of smart devices. 

Image courtesy: Yousician

To capitalize on this development, newcomers like Yousician are developing apps that teach music. The Yousician app is available on all major platforms, thus on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

However, the surge of online platforms doesn’t mean that music teachers have become redundant. Actually, teachers from around the world use the app to keep their students motivated to practice.

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How Yousician works

Yousician uses the world’s most advanced audio algorithm to do many cool things that make the app a world leader in music learning. While you follow step-by-step tutorials at your level, the software listens critically to your performance and gives you immediate feedback on your accuracy and your timing. There are tutorials for every level, from beginner to expert.

The curriculum for various instruments, including voice, was designed by professional music teachers, with help from musicians of all levels.

The step-by-step learning is enhanced with fun gameplay that tracks your progress and keeps you motivated to continue practicing. 

Guitar cord trainer. Image courtesy: Yousician

Yousician has a huge inventory of videos, lessons, and exercises to help you master not only the skills to play your instrument but also music theory and how to read sheet music. 

Additional products 

You can’t make music with an instrument that has not been tuned properly. However, we don’t all have the acute ear needed to tune an instrument accurately. This is where Yousician’s great tuning apps come into play.

The same advanced algorithm behind the Yousician app also powers the company’s tuners for guitar, violin, ukulele, bass, mandolin, and banjo. Using only the mic in your smartphone, the tuner translates the sound from your instrument into a stable signal and matches it with the right pitch. More than 100 tuners that have been added to the tuner list.

Recipient of numerous awards

Yousician has won numerous international business awards, including WIRED’s hottest Finnish start-up, SXSW, Midem, Sunday Times 'World's best apps' and the Audience Favourite Prize at Edtechx Global 2018 All Star Awards. At this event, the EdTech Growth Awards included those education and training companies that had shown the most revenue growth momentum over the last 3 years. 

To be considered for the EdTech Growth category, applicants must have shown significant innovation and growth over the previous year. The panel considered factors like revenue growth, scale, innovation, and market impact. 

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