InnoVEX Taipei 2019 Day 2 Highlights

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May 30, 2019

Today at InnoVEX, we got an exclusive look inside Appier's AI solutions and vision for the next generation of AI. There was also a series of keynote sessions on the trends of blockchain technology and how it impacts our lives. We also got a chance to talk to one of the organizers of the French national pavilion to see the success behind inviting this year's splendid delegation. (More about InnoVEX 2019 On-Demand Press Conference)

Here's a roundup of a few highlights from day two.

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What are the Two Missing Pieces to the Next Generation of AI?

What will the next generation of AI look like? Mr. Sun, Chief AI Scientist of Appier, opened the 20-minute keynote with a bit of history in order for us to understand the future of AI. With 15 years of experience in computer vision, deep learning and AI, Mr. Sun further emphasized that, "AI is not only about technology.” At a moment when we are actually standing at the 3rd wave of AI, it rises again with help from three other key factors - big data, fast computing and open sources.

Min Sun, Chief AI Scientist of Appier

While the future of AI is promising, the key to maintain its growth is to put together the other two missing pieces- Human centered AI and AutoML- to bring us to the next generation of AI. The narrative around AI doesn’t always need to end with how it is surpassing human capacity, but rather how it can be used to increase human productivity, says Mr. Sun. Because eventually, most of the AI that we develop at some point in time needs to interact or work with humans.

City Talk by Mayor of Eindhoven City

Besides AI, blockchain and IoT are some of the most popular buzzwords in tech right now. So many exciting advancements of technology in these area are happening everyday, and it may be hard for the general public to keep up with the pace, but one thing is for sure: technology is here to improve our lives. In the opening keynote session, John Jorristma, Mayor of Eindhoven, Netherlands, mentioned that this isn't solely a matter of the tech companies. The government, startups, and enterprises should work together with the same goal of improving lives for the better.

John Jorritsma, Mayor of Eindhoven City, Netherlands

A Safer and Smarter Connected World

After hearing the sharing from Mr. Jorristma, we continued our keynote speech journey with IOTA foundation.

“One single ant does not have the capability to sense and feel the environment, […] the collective of ants are constantly sharing the data of environments. The collective of ants are able to figure out the environment - where to go, where the food is and where the threats are, " said Dominik Schiener, Co-Chairman of the Boards of Directors & Founder of IOTA Foundation.

Mr. Schiener think this is where the future of our "connected world" is. We should not only focus on creating smart products that are only smart on their own, but rathe, even smarter and more powerful when acting together as a network of smart devices. He also shared that we are now in the phase of "Smart Centralization," meaning we have smart devices, but dumb network and with cloud as the decision maker most of the time and proprietary software being the norm, users are exposed to security and privacy threats easily. Although already an improvement from "Dumb Decentralization," when devices weren't very much connected and needed human mediators, Mr. Schiener thinks "Smart Centralization" isn't the optimal. The future lies in "Smart Decentralization." By impowering smart devices with data sharing capabilities, local and real-time decision making, we can create a smarter and safer network of a connected world.

Dominik Schiener, Co-Chairman of the Boards of Directors & Founder of IOTA Foundation.

IOTA is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany with the focus to develop the next generation of protocols for the connected world.

French National Pavilion

Few steps away from Pi Stage, la French Tech is also one of the must-see startup organisations and they will never disappoint.

Joining InnoVEX for the fourth consecutive year, la French Tech powered by Business France presents an even more diverse and award-winning delegation of 7 startups, including Energysquare, Adok, Digitsole, Quantmetry, Hoomano, Mapwize and Virtual Room, that provide innovative solutions to all kinds of sectors.

The french delegation

Speaking on this year’s impressive attendance list, Trade Advisor of the Technologies & Services Department of Business France Wayne Wang points to the satisfactory results of past events. Aside from the exhibition, the delegation has also gained various helpful resources through B2B meetings arranged by Business France and has further explored business possibilities and partnerships in the Asia region.

The role of Business France is to make sure the “magic" happens with the right fit, where startups’ solutions are tailored to the needs of local consumers and businesses.

One of the French startups that caught our eyes was Virtual Room. This LBE operator is bringing the concept of escape room to the next level with its team-based VR programs. Putting on the eye goggles, we were lost in the world of VR exploring different universes with Jean-Luc Gignoux, Co-Founder of Virtual Room. To give just a glimpse of what it was like, you might be going to the moon to complete a mission with your friends and family. Make sure you pick an awesome team or you might just end up living there instead...

Jean-Luc Gignoux, Co-Founder of Virtual Room

Virtual Room has already settled in more than 20 cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Singapore and Paris. Taiwan is their next station. Don’t miss the chance to have an exclusive look for yourself!

Tomorrow will be the final day of InnoVEX 2019, so stay tuned for more global startup highlights and the final round of the pitch competition!

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