InnoVEX Day 3 - An Up-Lifting Ending

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May 31, 2019

Leading to the last day of InnoVEX 2019, one of the most-anticipated events was finally brought to the center stage - the Final Round of the Pitch Contest. 10 startups were competing for the Grand Prize that valued to $100,000. Among the 10 startups competing this year, nearly half of them provides innovative healthcare solutions including health monitoring devices and medicine development; the blockchain technology is also a buzz - we see some startups focusing mainly on making crypto currency transactions safer and more accessible to the general public.

There were also a dozen of Canadian startups that were showcasing their latest AI, IoT and digital health technology and solutions just a few steps away from the center stage. What really captured our attention at first was the partial wood design of the Canadian AIoT Pavilion itself!

Now without further ado, let's take a look at the highlight of the final day at InnoVEX!

Pitch Contest Final Round

The Chief Judge of this year Pitch Contest, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Alchemist Ravi Belani, also shared with us how the panel was impressed by the quality and the significance of the companies as well as the problems they are tackling. Although it was a very tough decision to make, he believes the winner captures all three key elements to stand out from the crowd - that is going after something that’s critical, doing something that is novel and has not existed before, and with a potential of becoming a real platform that is always bigger than just the initial profits they were building. MedFluid, a team that sees itself as "The Terminator of Super Bacteria" is the one.

This year 143 teams from 19 countries applied for the contest, and after competitive semi-final rounds, the 10 teams that made it to the final are (in presenting order)

Chelpis - Chelpis is a Quantum-Proof Technology software company focusing on cryptocurrency & blockchain. Their cold wallet - Kelvin Wallet - is a secure crypto wallet with quantum proof technology and multi-layer control system that makes transactions secure.

ONESOFTDIGM - ONESOFTDIGM is a startup based in Korea that focuses on bringing better health for people. Their product Fitrus is a poclet-sized device that measures and analyzes body composition anytime, anywhere. [Startup Terrace Award winner]


MedFluid - Medfluid optimizes the quality of patient-specific medication of infectious disease. [Grand Prize winner] and [Startup Terrace Award winner]

MedFluid is the biggest winner of this year's pitch contest,
bringing both the Grand Prize and the Startup Terrace Award home.

Jowin Biopharma - Jowin Biopharma focuses on the development and applications of polymeric micelle-based drug delivery systems, primarily for reducing the adverse side effects of drugs, and improving drug specificity and efficacy.  

KikaGo AI - KikaGo AI offers an economic solution to noise cancelling. Their Smart Mic is a noise cancellation device built into a charging cable with voice recognition and natural language processing technology.

Thermovision Biotek Inc. - Thermovision Biotek provides early monitor system for breast cancer with their IoMT and AI platform.

Bovia - Bovia offers integrated high-end solutions with full technology stack for clients in public safety, retail and the industrial areas with cloud-based management.

Baypay - Baypay is a blockchain payment service provider that allows users to accept crypto currencies and convert them into cash with 0 transaction fee.

Fin2B - Fin2B is a fintech startup focusing on expanding financial acccess for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises).

MTAMTech Corp - MTAMTech provides anti-cancer drug screening solution for application in personalized medicine and drug development. [Taiwania Capital Innovation Award]

Canadian AIoT Pavilion

It’s not possible to walk by without noticing such an exquisite pavilion near the center stage as the Canadian AIoT Pavilion.

This year, with a record high of 14 Canadian companies covering a wide spectrum in the fields of AI, IoT and Digital Health, the mission of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) is clear. “To bring Canada as an innovative partner and a leading global innovator, with our CTA program and innovative technologies and companies,” says Rupert Cao, Deputy Director of Trade & Investment at CTOT.

Although some in Taiwan may not naturally see Canada as an innovative country, some of the top Canadian startups here at InnoVEX 2019 just spoke for themselves.

Deeplite is an AI-Driven Deep Neural Network (DNN) Optimizer that enables quick and efficient AI algorithms for day to day use. They seek to impact self-driving cars, drones, surveillance cameras, cancer detection, virtual assistants and other usages. GenerationsE, an AI powered medical imaging solutions for colorectal cancer, is currently collaborating with the Kaohsiung Medical University on colonoscopy image analysis and initial result reaches 95% accuracy with 500 records.

GenerationsE also partnered with BC Cancer oncancer biopsy slide image analysis since November 2017 and launched DeepScene 1.0, a pathologist diagnostic assistance solution on automating colorectal cancer biopsy slide analysis in March 2019.

Being next to a big market and player like the United States, Canadian companies can get lost in the crowd. “Sometimes we are not as loud,” admits Cao. But it also gives CTOT more reason to push for the branding of Canada to let more people know about the innovative energy coming out of the maple leaf country.

Bringing the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program to the Asia is their latest effort, with four new offices opening in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. Initial sectors of focus include AI, IoT, and digital health.

And that is a wrap for InnoVEX Taipei 2019. Thank you for following us throughout the event. See you at our next event!

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