[Startup News] From dull-whites to vibrant hues: Evolution of Best Scrubs

July 11, 2019

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Medical apparel has always been designed while keeping comfort as the top priority. However, little work has been done to shape these uniforms to give the wearer a feeling of dignity.

Evolution of Medical Apparel

Traditionally, nursing uniforms came into existence in the early 20th century when nurses were identified by their distinct white lab coats. These uniforms weren’t very functional but reflected a sense of professionalism as nursing was beginning to be recognized as a respected profession.

With the passage of time, these lab coats transformed into white scrubs and then into scrubs in different shades of blue and green. The color transformation proved to be more practical as white wasn’t so good at hiding stains.

By the start of the 21st century, fashion was becoming more relevant in medical apparel, with medical professionals demanding uniforms that were both functional and stylish. That’s when styling and details in medical uniforms became significant, as more and more professionals realized the connection between appearance and inner confidence.

Modern Scenario

Because of the continuous evolution in medical apparel,  Figs has witnessed a rapid change in the design, style, and standards of medical uniforms. Medical professionals have grown an appreciation for the details and functionality in their work wear. They want their lab coats to come with a plethora of utility features along with finished seams, and a lot of pockets to fit their cell phones, iPad or other stuff.

Due to this paradigm shift, companies like , have emerged as one of the frontrunners. The company manufactures premium scrubs crafted with an antimicrobial and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Their customers are fashion-forward medical professionals who are aware of the importance of high-quality fabrics in their uniforms. 

 “We have spent a lot of time focusing on fabrication while emphasizing on fit, comfort, and functionality for medical professionals,” says Tina Spear, co-founder of Figs.

Even though the company has achieved a lot of success in a short span of time, the expansion hasn’t come without critical feedback from the customers. A quick go-through of their Instagram and Facebook page will show that there are people who are unhappy about delayed orders and poor communication. 

Reason for Change

For the majority of the Americans, medical scrubs are like open parking spots — something that nobody notices until you really need them. However, for the 20 million people employed in the healthcare industry, medical scrubs are an everyday necessity.

Originally, medical scrubs were used for operating rooms. They were in the shape of a V-neck cotton top, which was worn with drawstring cotton pants. What really irked the medicos were not only their styling but also the fabric which started to itch after long hours of usage. 

That is why modern-day medical apparel manufacturing companies pay a great deal of attention to the antimicrobial property of the fabric to create best scrubs for the healthcare sector.  

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