[Business Startup News] The Future of Mobility: Go To-U & ASKA

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
December 10, 2021

Continuing concerns about the environment and growing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient transportation options are causing a growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs). And not just that, our wildest dream of future mobility where vehicles can both drive and fly are being realized right at this moment. 

The electric vehicle charging station market is poised to take off. It is expected to record a CAGR of 36.49% during the forecast period, 2020-2025. However, one of the factors holding back the widespread adoption of EVs is the availability of EV charging stations. 

This is the problem that the software company, Go-To-U Inc. is solving in a unique way.

Go To-U describes itself as the first digital experience platform for e-mobility. The innovative software company has developed an app that lets car owners book a slot at an EV charging station for free.

In its capacity as the world’s largest free EV charging network, Go To-U is increasing the EV charging infrastructure in general and encouraging EV awareness and adoption. The company has access to thousands of EV charging stations across multiple countries, to be exact, 65,000 EV charging stations across 47 countries so far.

How is Go To-U different?

Unlike other similar solutions, the charging is actually paid for by Go To-U business partners who are all situated near the charging stations. The idea is that car owners will patronize these businesses while their cars are charging. The business could be a restaurant, hairdressing salon, supermarket, hotel, or a spa. This is a win-win solution for everyone, one which is set to change the way people plan their trips to charge their electric vehicles. Users can also receive bonuses that they can later exchange for gifts.

The unique business plan allows for the Go To-U platform to generate revenue by charging commission on services or products bought at partner businesses.

Go To-U was co-founded in 2017 by CEO, Nazar Shymone-Davyda and co-founders Lena Artemenko and Lyubov Artemenko in Ukraine, and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles. 

Michelin Movin'On Start-Up Challenge has selected Go To-U as a Top-10 company working to solve the major challenges of sustainable mobility.


Exciting times have arrived. We are finally going to escape the traffic gridlock in cars that can fly. It’s not science fiction anymore. Whether local and national governments worldwide are ready for this advanced mobility technology is yet to be seen, though.

One company that is going ahead with its plans to let us commute to work by road and air is New Future Transportation Inc. (NFT), a Japanese and Silicon Valley developer of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solutions. The company’s first drive and fly vehicle, ASKA, eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) was publicly revealed in Tel Aviv, Israel a year ago.

ASKA is Japanese for flying birds. It’s a driverless vehicle that incorporates a Sense and Avoid system to fly autonomously. ASKA was developed by a team of experts with vast experience in aeronautical and autonomous AI systems.

This modern-day transport solution provides people with a better quality of life by allowing families that live on the outskirts of urban environments to enjoy the countryside while working and attending school in the city center. 

“ASKA enables you to drive, fly and drive till your final destination, without the need to change from a car, to an air taxi, and then a car again. ASKA will enable people to spend less time in traffic and more time with their loved ones, with the freedom to live outside urban areas in more affordable communities and travel quickly to city centers,” said Guy Kaplinsky, Chairman and Co-founder of NFT.

ASKA is the size of a large SUV and can transport three passengers at a time. ASKA will drive passengers from their homes to an open area where ASKA can take off. This area can be a nearby parking area. There ASKA will extend its wings and take off vertically, then fly to the desired destination and land on a nearby parking lot. There the wings will be retracted again and the car will drive to drop off the passengers where they need to be. 

Deloitte predicts that sales will initially be slow. It expects the US market for EVTOL aircraft to double from $3.4 billion in 2025 to $6.8 billion in 2035. But the market is expected to explode to $17.7 billion in 2040 as costs drop, battery technology improves and the technology gains general acceptance.

Convenient transport for all

According to NFT, ASKA won’t only be available to the wealthy. While ASKA will be available to individuals for sale, the autonomous vehicle will also be available as a subscription-based model. On a subscription basis, customers can use ASKA whenever they need it. So, hopefully, you and I will also be able to make use of it!

NFT has its research and development center in Mountain View, California and it has a Center of Excellence in Israel. The quality assurance and manufacturing center is located in Japan.

NFT Inc. was founded by Maki and Guy Kaplinsky, futurists, and experienced technology entrepreneurs. Their previous startup, IQP Corporation, was an early innovator in the Internet of Things and acquired by GE in 2017.

Thanks to the advanced technologies developed and perfected by mobility startups like Go To-U and NFT, the world is entering a time where travel will be a completely new and pleasurable experience.

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