[Startup News] Futuristic Hearing Aid Cuts Through the Noise

Anthony Mosavi
February 24, 2020

RelaJet, a Taiwan-based startup harnesses the combined power of technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), to create revolutionary hearing amplifiers. The affordable hearing aids offered by RelaJet are not only technologically advanced but also extremely effective in helping people with hearing impairments experience improved auditory perception. These hearing aids rely on a voice engine that helps separate several voices in a noisy environment through an AI-integrated voice identification mechanism, allowing it to label voices and distinguish them in under three-to-five seconds.

The brainchild of a founder with hearing loss

Blue Chen, the founder of RelaJet, suffers from a severe hearing disability. After personally experiencing expensive yet ineffective hearing aids that failed to differentiate several voices in a typical everyday environment, Chen put together a group of engineers to devise hearing aids that can provide a better listening experience for people like him. The engineers at RelaJet specialized in AI and IoT and used that expertise to create the best and most affordable hearing amplifiers.

These hearing aids rely solely on an AI voice-identification engine which does the heavy lifting of identifying and distinguishing all the different voices. In any typical party setting, hearing-impaired individuals fall prey to what’s known as the “Cocktail Party Effect.” In essence, this effect highlights the Herculean task of having to separate several voices in a noisy environment to focus on a specific speaker which becomes all the more simple with the affordable hearing aids presented by RelaJet.

The hearing amplifiers come with the capability of separating any number of voices in a given situation in under 10 milliseconds, giving them a massive edge over traditional hearing aids. With three-to-five seconds of hearing, the RelaJet AI engine identifies and labels several voices, divides them, and enhances the required one in real-time.

While identifying voices in a noisy environment is effective, it doesn’t stop there. Without noise-canceling in place, the ambient sounds in the background pose a great threat to the audio perception of a disabled individual. RelaJet has an answer for this too. The voice engine in the startup’s hearing amplifiers also identifies, divides, and removes environment noise in real time, giving a superior hearing experience. 

RelaJet’s revolutionary voice engine comes with additional features. It can use voice inputs for awakening, short commands, voice recognition, and voice search, making this Taiwan based startup an invaluable “low-power and smart voice solution” provider. These affordable audio solutions are widely applicable; and it is to be noted that RelaJet, unlike other hearing aid manufacturers, has gone a step ahead and crafted a low-power smart microphone solution for use in headphones and hearing aids, as well as voice solutions for smart TVs and set-top boxes. 

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Why RelaJet might be the next disruptive healthcare startup

In the realm of healthcare, most startups operate on a need-based innovation process through which a specific healthcare problem is first identified, then the solutions are generated. Such a process involves a plethora of specialists, such as engineers, doctors, and other advisors, resulting in a sophisticated venture which is failing to prove effective in the business world, lately. 

On the other hand, Relajet’s affordable hearing aids do not suffer through the common perils of healthcare startups, giving them an extra edge over the competition. IoT powered wearables, like the hearing amplifiers, are, generally speaking, hassle-free to produce and sell from a business perspective, giving them a massive advantage in both the impact and revenue generation fronts.

Relajet’s revolutionary voice engine advantages

Guided by the adage “More Hearing, More Future,” RelaJet offers affordable, cutting-edge technology in an industry where quality and superior hearing aids cost a fortune. At a juncture where the digital health market revenue is predicted to skyrocket from $179.6 billion to $536 billion in this decade, affordable, technologically advanced, and in-demand solutions, such as the hearing amplifiers, unlock a great potential to create a lasting impact whilst generating a handsome return on investment. 

RelaJet is all set to exhibit at the 2020 South by Southwest Music Festival in March. This exhibit will allow the startup to showcase its pioneering solution for people with hearing disabilities, helping them fully enjoy concerts, films, and other interactive media. That’s sure to be music to their ears.

Note: SXSW has officially announced that it will cancel its 2020 edition due to concerns around coronavirus.

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