Taiwan Making Leaps and Bounds Innovatively: Winners of 4th G Camp Released

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July 28, 2020

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, have announced the winners of the 4th “G Camp”. A total of 5 outstanding teams were named finalists for the “G Camp Global Accelerator Program”. The five companies, using mostly big data, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and other applications, took away the "G Camp Global Accelerator Program Award". The winners will receive international business matchmaking and guidance for marketing projects, to help with Taiwan’s startup scene as they enter the global spotlight.

For the first time G Camp has combined virtual human technology with mixed virtual and reality technology during training, allowing overseas mentors who were unable to visit Taiwan due to the pandemic to interact. This year, G Camp has once again partnered with crossborder innovation agency, 10X Innovation Lab.

Having collaborated with accelerators in Brazil, Dubai, Japan, and other countries in the past, 10X Innovation Lab possesses abundant experience in international guidance and coaching of new startups. 

"G Camp Global Accelerator Program Award" Winners: Nuwa Robotics, FOX-TECH CO., Smart Ageing Tech Co., Ltd., Giftpack Taiwan Inc., and BELX Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

After a thrilling and spectacular show, Nuwa Robotics (HK) Limited, Taiwan Branch, FOX-TECH CO., Smart Ageing Tech Co., Ltd., Giftpack Taiwan Inc., and BELX Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, were selected as winners of the “G Camp Global Accelerator Program Award”. A three month international incubator project will be launched, and customized links to investors or buyers made according to the individual requirements of each startup.

Bridge and Green Acres Co., Ltd were awarded the “Hong Kong Startup Event Award” by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the flagship incubation and R&D hub in Hong Kong. The awardee will have an opportunity to participate in an array of startup events and connect with the local market in Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong Startup Event Award” Winners: Bridge and Green Acres Co.

In addition, Loginheart Technology was awarded the “Regal Group Business Cooperation Award”. Together with Regal Group, one of the three major jewelers in the world, they will take part in cross-border product development, new product trial investments, and other business opportunities, and head to Thailand for further project development and training.

Loginheart Technology was awarded the “Regal Group Business Cooperation Award”

Furthermore, Unpolished, an innovative smart manicure platform, was honored with 10X Innovation Lab’s Good G Camp Ambassador award. The startup will receive two sessions of one-on-one international professional guidance, in order to deeply inspire and promote both innovation and market expansion. 

10X Innovation Lab’s "Good G Camp Ambassador" awardee Unpolished

In all, 15 teams made it to the final round of G Camp. A total of forty initial teams, selected by Silicon Valley industry professionals, jointly competed for the chance to win NT $ 5 million in international resource grants. Throughout the course of G Camp’s three-day training program, teams participated in international-level startup coaching to develop their international competitiveness and performative abilities.

On the final day, teams demonstrated their results before multinational enterprise representatives, investors, and venture capitalists. 

4th G Camp Teams

Riding on the success of the past three G Camps in supporting and linking together the global startup network, startups are provided with important entrepreneurial resources.

G Camp has assisted in leading Taiwanese startups to international startup exhibitions, such as SXSW in the US, Slush in Finland, and StartupGoGo in Japan, providing many chances to talk directly and collaborate with numerous international companies. 

G Camp 2020

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Deputy Director General Ms. Betty Hu stated “ In the face of the COVID-19 global epidemic, original plans for international development and business were forced to be suspended. But the epidemic will eventually subside, so startups must take advantage of this opportunity to prepare themselves ahead of time.” 

G Camp 2020

Hu further expressed, “ This sudden epidemic has caused many companies to suffer losses. As a result, companies have begun to change their way of thinking, and the demand for digital transformation has grown rapidly. However, the key to the success of ‘digital transformation’ lies in ‘ data-driven thinking’. Startups are experts at collecting and utilizing all sorts of data, and will surely become the most powerful advocate for the digital transformation of traditional businesses.” 

Through the past three international entrepreneurial training camps, G Camp has led new startups to Austin, Fukuoka, and Helsinki to participate in entrepreneurial activities and exhibit shows, conduct overseas business exchanges, and actively cooperate with other startups, industries, and venture capitalists.

The interactions have successfully aided in bringing together local businesses and distribution partners, creating more than NT $ 30 million in business opportunities, thus showcasing G Camp’s prowess as the optimal force for pushing startups into the international spotlight. 

About G Camp

G Camp embodies the ideals of “Growing,” “Global,” and “Go” in making sure that Taiwan’s startups get the international exposure they need to succeed globally. With the aim of elevating startups to the international playing field, G Camp has successfully assisted many participants in entering the US and European markets by working with local business, technical and sales partners.

The G Camp will continue to cooperate with public and private global partners to provide entrepreneurs the best resources and opportunities to build an innovative and sustainable Taiwan startup ecosystem.


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