Goodie, the App that’s changing the way you find your next favorites

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
September 15, 2021

Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) has been around for a long time, in fact it is becoming an integral part of our lives and is directly (or indirectly) shaping the myriad of things we can enjoy - books, restaurants, events, shows, films, and many more.  Accordingly to Nielsen research, 85% of the people trust the recommendations of family and friends over other sources.  So the key is not just any recommendations, but specific recommendations from people we know or follow instead of strangers. This is where Goodie can help.

Your Lifestyle – Friends Know Best

With the rise of internet services such as Yelp, Amazon, there’s also an influx of online recommendations from anonymous or unverified sources. Goodie allows sharing recommendations among people you know less time consuming by helping you discover and manage recommendations from people you trust while filtering out the noise.

Image Courtesy of Goodie - Social Recommendation App

Goodie key product features: 

  • Recommendations from people you trust
  • Smart recommendations tuned to your taste
  • Explore hidden gems in your city
  • Vibing with friends

Unlike many of the similar apps in the market that focuses on the general audience with a bigger friend circle, Goodie targets smaller and closer friend groups offering its users recommendations that matters the most.

"Finding the right movies or restaurants is a conundrum, and that's exactly why Goodie is here to help. Goodie allows friends to help you find whatever lifestyle ideas you're looking for," said Ramos Chang, Founder and CEO of Goodie.  

Looking Forward

With an estimated global social commerce market size of 1,905B, Goodie aims to be a key driver in this space. As one of the early players in the market, Goodie prides itself to be an innovative leader in providing its users the best in-app experience. The hub to experiences design provides users a seamless direct connect to merchants, enhancing the overall social commerce process. With Goodie, you can share with your friends and the community the unique lifestyle that makes who you are.

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