Health League Primed to Transform Doctor-Patient Communication Process

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
September 15, 2021

Smart care systems are all the rage in the medical industry now. With rapid advancements in technology, it’s only natural that these improvements be reflected in one of the most important arenas in our world - the healthcare industry. An example of this would be Taiwanese company Health League which builds products that bridge the gap between doctors and patients. Their company currently focuses on the dental industry. 

A gap in the market

Health League’s founder and CEO, Tina Wang, used to work in a medical centre where she witnessed a huge gap in understanding between doctors and patients. She also realised that these could cause big problems in terms of the treatment and recovery process.Hence, she was inspired to establish Health League, which strives to solve this communication issue so that patients can better understand treatment methods and dentists will have an easier time explaining and assisting. 

Health League has pushed out two main products -- Waiting Room TV and DigiMed. Waiting Room TV allows for patients to watch Health League’s explanatory videos while sitting in the waiting room. These videos cover a broad range of topics. On the other hand, DigiMed is a newly-launched chair-side tool that helps the doctor better communicate with the patients. Health League also has post treatment solutions where the dentist can assign “homework” with videos on specific topics related to the patient’s condition so he or she can watch the personalized content at home on his or her devices. 

This two-pronged approach will allow for a more effective and efficient communication process between dentists and patients. Patients will be better equipped with knowledge and dentists can spend less time on explanations. This will not only make the treatment process a lot more pleasant, it will also build trust between dentist and patient, thus improving the overall patient experience.  

What makes Health League different

While there are similar tools and platforms which offer some services that Health League does, few of them do it like the latter. Most platforms present their health content without translating the relevant medical jargon, making it tough for the layperson to understand. Health League ensures that their content is published in a simplified manner which is easily understandable by patients of all ages. Besides, they also have one of the largest dental libraries which covers almost all the content and topics one can think of. 

The impact of COVID-19 

Taiwan suffered a series of severe COVID-19 outbreaks in June and July this year. Unsurprisingly, lots of medical appointments were cancelled as patients chose to stay home. This led several of Health League’s advertising partners to reduce budget spent on Waiting Room TV ads as patient traffic in clinics slowed to a trickle.

Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining and as things are reverting to normalcy in Taiwan, patient footfall in clinics has increased. Furthermore, the pandemic has greatly increased the prevalence of virtual communication. Video conferencing has become the new norm. The increase in digitisation makes it easier to introduce digital tools for doctor-patient communication and for such tools to be well-received.  

Looking forward

Health League currently has around 450 dental clinics dotted around Taiwan who are Waiting Room customers. They plan to expand the coverage to 700-800 clinics. DigiMed has just been launched recently and plans are in the pipeline to expand this subscription-based service to over 100 clinics. The company is also in talks with several potential investors and are looking to expand to foreign markets like Japan, Korea and Singapore. In the words of cofounder Jennifer Lai, these countries were selected as they share “a similar emphasis on dental health like local Taiwanese people.''  

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