Healthcare Startup Holds the Key to Global Cancer and Tuberculosis Prevention

Benerva Suarez
November 20, 2019

WellGen, an award-winning medical device startup, is offering comprehensive diagnostic solutions for deadly diseases, such as tuberculosis and cancer, through the combined application of medicine, microbiology, and computer imaging technologies. With robust distribution networks across Asian countries, like Japan, India, and China, WellGen is now ready to expand to other Southeast Asia and African regions with a high risk of tuberculosis. The startup’s advanced cloud-based smart microscope, coupled with AI recognition software, will drastically improve diagnostic sensitivity, resulting in precise and accurate test results and disease identification. 

While accurate diagnosis seems to be a reality for most diseases and conditions, it may not be the same when it comes to tuberculosis. As a typical tuberculosis test is increasingly dependent on expensive labor and resource intensive laboratory procedures, the diagnosis accuracy is not up to the mark.

With tuberculosis still being one of the top ten causes of deaths worldwide, and figures stating that at least 1.6 million people have died from this disease, it is high time there is a technological intervention that promotes more accurate and less labor-intensive diagnostic procedures. Several poor and underdeveloped regions of the world lack medical resources, technicians, and tools for accurate detection of tuberculosis; without a robust diagnostic process in place, the scope for tuberculosis prevention is limited in these areas. 

Automated microscope holds the key to accurate detection 

Originally founded by an award-winning researcher and professor, Dr. Eason Lin, WellGen comprises a wide range of academicians as well as medical professionals specializing in fields, such as microscopic imaging, recognition, and automation. Their combined efforts have led to the development of a dual solution consisting of both hardware and software that ultimately aid in tuberculosis prevention. 

The “μ-Scan” microscope is WellGen’s hardware solution, whereas the cloud computing and big data analysis is the software solution analyzing the test samples collected through the aforementioned microscope. This ingenious culmination of both hardware and software solutions differentiates WellGen from all other medical device startups that only offer one or the other. The holistic nature of WellGen’s solution might also make it more viable in the realm of tuberculosis prevention in the long run. 

In addition, WellGen’s solution does not require medical technicians; the μ-Scan microscope can be deployed across a wide range of remote regions that are lacking qualified, skilled labor for laboratory work. Through WellGen, what was once a labor-intensive process can now be transformed into a machine-based process, resulting in more accurate detection and prevention of tuberculosis. 

Future scope and target markets

India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and South Africa are some of the countries that can massively benefit from WellGen’s solution for tuberculosis prevention. Moreover, the customized recognition software used to analyze the microscopic imagery is stored in the cloud, making it immune from any Internet Protocol (IP) threats. The unique features, holistic offering, and huge target market in dire need of a modern diagnosis solution puts WellGen in a favorable position for investors and venture capitalists.

In a recent interview with the startup, it was revealed that WellGen’s medical device has been rigorously tested through a slew of intensive clinical trials in Taiwan and China; these trials, in turn, echoed the startup’s belief in how it can revolutionize cancer and tuberculosis prevention. In the realm of startups and rapid growing companies, building a cutting-edge technological solution is work half done; growth and marketing strategy are two other key aspects that ensure a successful scale-up. WellGen wins on all fronts as the startup has been striving to secure customers in prospective markets like Japan and India, highlighting its growth strategy and marketing marvels. 

While WellGen’s solution is all set to make far-reaching changes in the realm of tuberculosis prevention, it doesn’t stop there. The startup’s range of offerings include assisting gram stains and cytological examinations for cancer prevention as well. 

WellGen is one of the must-see exhibitors at the Taiwanese Pavilion at Slush. This year, Slush attracted nearly 2,000 investors and 4,000 startups attending the event. Exhibiting at Slush could open new doors of possibilities for WellGen to propel cancer and tuberculosis prevention globally.

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