[Trending Technology News] Here’s How Northpass is Making Customer Service Training and Onboarding Better

August 1, 2019

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Despite cutting-edge advances in technology worldwide, it still is a painstaking task to teach employees and customers how to use a product or a technology effectively. Since conventional Learning Management System (LMS) and customer service training don’t prove to be fully effective, an updated and tech savvy approach towards onboarding and training is necessary. Northpass, formerly known as SchoolKeep, seems to be addressing this issue by offering a modern-day LMS with up-to-date solutions for training, as well as for on-boarding employees and customers alike.

Originally founded in 2013, the self-funded company has over 20 employees now and has helped more than 1,000,000 people learn better. Leading companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Shopify and The Economist are a few among the many to leverage Northpass for an improved onboarding process.

Why is a Modern LMS the need of the hour?

Previously, the most common practice for customer service training and onboarding process was creating extensive documentation, hiring trainers and conducting a long web conference training session. Not only are these techniques outdated, but they are also time consuming and resource intensive.

A recent study revealed that companies typically lose nearly 25% of their new hires within a year. Poor retention in such cases, is primarily an effect of poor onboarding. For any business, having a smooth onboarding process saves time, effort and money spent in bringing in new hires every year lost to weak onboarding practices.

Using a modern LMS that helps you create courses, track learning and gamify the onboarding process is efficient and profitable.

Here's how Northpass is innovating the Onboarding Process

While several companies focus on optimising the UX and UI to help customers learn better, there isn’t a parallel effort in helping partners, contractors and employees grasp a product or a technology better. However, it seems like Northpass has addressed these issues too.

Currently, the company is offering four solutions—customer training, partner enablement, contractor training and employee training. Instead of being limited to customer or employee on-boarding, Northpass seems to exhibit a holistic approach towards onboarding. It is also offering integration and support with several third-party applications such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, BambooHR and Fountain. 

Traditionally, other LMSs view online training as a destination where the process of learning ends after an employee or a customer views an instructional video. Northpass, on the other hand, is focusing on contextual learning through online discussions apart from providing online videos and content. The company also implements a nuanced analytics and grading system that align with the training and learning goals of an organisation. 

"Northpass allowed us to put together a robust product learning curriculum in less than a day and helped us reduce the on-boarding time for both new employees and partner organizations," says Mondee Lu, User Advocate, Everlaw.


A study revealed that over 60% of your employees are likely to stay at a company for three or more years if the onboarding process is smooth. Exhaustive training manuals or documentation and time consuming web conferences aren’t scalable and effective. Creating a training session through the means of online content that is always accessible, can be viewed and reproduced for any number of people is scalable, cost effective and time saving. 

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