[Tech News Feeds] How The Livin Smart Shower Is Revolutionizing The Shower Experience

Anthony Mosavi
February 26, 2019

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Every morning, people turn on their shower while brushing their teeth and washing their face. This is because most showers take 3-5 minutes before the water warms up. In addition, we spend more time trying to adjust the shower to our preferred temperature. The time we spend adjusting the water to the temperature we desire amounts to gallons of water going straight from the faucet to the drain.  Livin recognized this problem and came up with a solution, the Livin Shower. The Livin Smart Shower Plus will optimize your water usage, make sure that you aren’t senselessly wasting water, and lower your water bill, while enabling you to still take the showers you love. While we all have a commitment to use our resources as responsibly as we can, in areas that there is a limited or lower amount of fresh water available, possibly due to a drought or a naturally low reserve, the Livin Smart Shower is especially important.

‍How do Livin Showers work to reduce water waste?

‍Aside from reaching the right temperature much faster than any other in-house shower available on the market today with its’ self-optimizing algorithm, Livin shower contain more functions that help to reduce water waste. The Livin shower:Enables you to pause you shower while soaping up / washing your hair with a single tap, while preserving your preferred temperature when you resume your shower. It monitors your water usage, shower time and temperature, to give insight about your water usage.It also allows you to set countdowns after a certain amount of time or gallons of water has been exceeded.Livin’s built-in functions and water monitoring enables you to optimize and monitor your water usage, and enjoy your shower without guilt. ‍

Popular Features‍

But not only does Livin enable you to save water, but it also makes your shower experience more enjoyable by allowing you to customize your shower, access entertainment devices, and safely control the temperature when showering a baby. You can input 10 user profiles, allowing you to personalize each family member’s profile. As a result, the preferred temperature for each individual can be accessed with a simple tap. It also stores the schedule/preferred shower time of each profile, and begins preparing your shower before it evens crosses your mind. Also, with Livin’s smart speaker connection capabilities, you can voice control your shower by connecting it to a smart speaker. This allows you to listen to music, and change songs using the shower handle screen, while taking a shower.   In addition, Livin’s baby mode makes it a must-get for parents who wish to keep their children safe. With its’ baby mode, the perfect temperature to safely bath your child is immediately attained and is consistent, meaning that there is no risk of an overly cold or warm shower.The Livin Smart Shower Plus’ water saving and shower improvement features, along with its’ easy 15 minute installation, makes it a great and valuable smart device to improve your shower experience.

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