How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 2022 (Bonus: 4 Company Page Tips Included!)

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April 20, 2022

Looking for a new opportunity or just cleaning up your profile? Here are 10 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to employers.

With the prevalence of remote working and work-from-home practices during the past year, how you brand yourself online is more important than ever. LinkedIn is primarily regarded as an employment service, but it’s been used more and more as a social networking platform especially in the professional world. Your LinkedIn profile may help create the first impression for a potential employer or connection, so it’s important to keep this form of personal marketing in optimal shape.  

10 Tips for improving your LinkedIn profile

1. Add a photo

If you haven’t already, be sure to add a photo to your profile since profiles with photos are viewed 21 more times than ones without. Don’t be afraid to pick a fun photo that shows some personality, but ultimately it should still maintain a professional look.

2. Update your profile regularly

Whether you’ve received a new certification, completed a project that you’re particularly proud of, or been promoted to a new position, it doesn’t hurt to share these updates with your network and recruiters so they can see your most up-to-date information and achievements. Furthermore, it’s better to note down your updates as they happen so you don’t have to go back to dig out your certifications when you need to actively search for a new opportunity. 

3. Summary=Story

Here is your chance to tell your story, to bring life to the hard and soft skills and professional experiences that are simply listed on your profile. Use the summary section to explain how you’d be a great addition to a company based on your qualifications, motivations, and expertise. This space is truly the most important section of personal marketing in your LinkedIn profile. You can include some keywords to help boost the chances of your profile showing up in searches, but try not to overload your summary with buzzwords. 

4. SEO is your friend

Keeping Tip #3 in mind, utilize SEO (Search-Engine Optimization) wherever you can (especially in the summary and experience sections). Including keywords that are relevant to your industry can help boost your profile visibility in searches and optimize the potential of your LinkedIn profile.  

5. Don’t skip listing your educational background

LinkedIn will automatically prompt other users who have attended the same institutions which is a great way to grow your network. Furthermore, there are huge networking opportunities to be found from fellow students and alumni who are happy to offer advice, recommend you for positions, or review your resume.

6. Make your objective clear 

The headline is one of the first things people will see on a LinkedIn profile, so it’s a strategic place to state what you are looking for. Some headline examples for those looking for new opportunities are “Recent college graduate looking for full-time opportunities” and “Seeking opportunities in publishing”. For those already in a position, take this short section as a chance to highlight your specialities and make your profile stand out.

7. Be concise and precise 

Speaking of keeping your objective clear, write in bullet points so people can quickly peruse your profile. In this day and age, a good profile is one that is easily readable and straightforward. 

8. Clean up the “Skills” section

According to LinkedIn, users who list 5 skills or more on their profile are found up to 27 times more. You can update your skills sections every so often to make sure that the listed ones match the strengths you’ve been developing. If you’re looking for a new opportunity in a different industry from your current one, your skills that are highlighted in the profile should align with the industry you are hoping to enter.  

9. 10/10 Would Recommend

It doesn’t hurt to have a well-written recommendation from a manager, supervisor, professor, or colleague to help bolster your credibility, especially if they praise one of your mentioned skills and strengths. Recommendations are also a great way for future employers to see how you work as a team member and colleague. 

10. Engage and Endorse 

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn has been used as a professional networking tool. By taking part in conversations by sharing your own views through articles and posts and commenting on others’, you can build a greater connection with your growing network. 

Bonus: 4 Company page tips to help visibility 

1. All about the details 

This tip may sound obvious, but it’s important to fill out all sections on your company LinkedIn page since those with complete information see 30% more weekly views. If possible, change the url to your username or social media handle on other forms of media to keep the company’s brand consistent. 

2. Employee engagement 

Spotlighting team members' achievements and relevant posts on the company page is a great way to build rapport and show potential hires the company culture. As a business, engaging in industry news and conversations is a great way to stand out and stay relevant.

3. SEO is still your friend

Just as in an individual profile, company pages are also SEO-friendly. The company description section is a great place to incorporate some keywords relevant to the industry to boost visibility in searches. You can also use this space to emphasize the company’s services and products as well. 

4. Consistency is key 

The company’s LinkedIn page is another leg of brand building and marketing, so it’s important to keep the company image consistent across the board. The logo, background photo, and company voice in the description and content should match those of the company’s website and other publications.  

This list of ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile could go on, but we found the ones shared in the article most relevant and actionable. Reach out to us ( if you have your own tips to share!

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