IIC, the Key to A Successful Coffee Industry Digital Transformation

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September 25, 2020

Wistron, listed as a Forbes Global 2000 company, is one of the top notebook manufacturers in the world. IIC (Innovation Integration Center), the creative driver of the enterprise, is spearheading a digital transformation across industries with AIoT applications. Its “Innovation by Incubation” philosophy, made successful while lending its product development support and resources to up-and-coming innovative companies, will likewise be key to the digital transformation movement. 

Innovation by Incubation

Featuring a diverse team of professionals from a variety of fields, IIC takes pride in their innovative culture and open-mindset. According to Robert Huang, Vice Chairman and President of New Business Organization at Wistron, “Seeing as now are turbulent and fast-changing times, we must continue to forge onwards, precisely and rapidly. IIC is committed to being forerunners in the industry by continuing to uphold the latest trends.” By listening intently to the needs of their customers in tandem with their years of accumulated experience, IIC is able to help them bridge the gap between concept and manufacturing, as well as commercialization, and accelerate in making their dreams come true.

Driving Forces Behind the IIC Team


Seeing as R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization are the pain points for many companies while developing new products, IIC assists customers in developing prototypes for a successful manufacturing process. Customers are able to utilize IIC’s R&D technological solutions to accelerate the development process instead of running into roadblocks along the way. IIC prides themselves as a total solution provider for hardware and software integration and development. Their vast services, including mechanical engineering and industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing, and mass production, are the missing pieces that clients need to transform their idea into reality.

The IIC Journey from Design to Production

Due to the rising internet trend, IIC has expanded their reach into various IoT applications in order to satisfy the demands of a wide range of industries, and are especially interested in the coffee and beverage fields. IIC looks forward to actively assisting clients with their requirements, in order to form an innovative and productive partnership.

Coffee, the next tech frontier

The British Coffee Association states that around 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide everyday. Following this trend, leading coffee-chain Starbucks launched its wildly successful cold brew coffee in 2015. With the cold brew craze leading to internet searches growing at 158 % per year, IIC decided to leverage this trend to their expertise, by utilizing their own innovative solution to assist coffee brands, cafes, and coffee machine manufacturers alike.

IIC’s current suite of solutions include OREO, a detachable intelligent electronic scale, FREDDA, the world’s first patented cold extraction technology, and the IoT Edge Hub, effortlessly connecting coffee equipment to the internet. Furthermore, IIC’s solutions have been commercially adopted by coffee hardware companies including Hiroia, and their recently launched ZIGGY product. The combination of pure coffee bean aroma and ZIGGY’s smooth flavor have astounded the coffee industry globally, leading to endorsements from top industry influencers such as 2016 and 2017 WCE World Coffee Brewing Champions, Tetsu Kasuya and Chad Wang, as well as SCAJ accreditation review Kyouichi Sekiguchi and Specialty Coffee Consultant Ryan Spinoglio.

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Plans on the Horizon

With a complete line of AIoT enabled product offerings, it plans to create a comprehensive AIoT Cloud Coffee Service that pushes the industry boundaries with creative business solutions. In addition, IIC will continue to facilitate the digital transformation movement and align with its “Innovation by Incubation” slogan, supporting clients through every step of their project needs to ensure ultimate business success.

For more information, please visit: https://brand.sparkamplify.com/iic-wistron

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