[Startup News] Improved AI Curation for Music by Musiio

Chien Lee
May 16, 2019

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Musiio has taken a bold step to provide improved AI technology to present itself to companies that wish to be a Spotify alternative.

Listening to music curated for your own personal taste can be exciting. It’s an exhilarating experience when song by song, your preferences, styles, and tastes are played just for you. The early days of music curated by Artificial Intelligence were about 2 decades ago, and it was truly amazing. Now, Musiio steps forward as a viable option for better music curation with its improved AI technology.

Attention and Acclaim

This Singapore based startup will be exhibiting in Echelon this month. As they place themselves forward at Echelon, they will be quite appealing to companies that wish to be a Spotify alternative, they’ll have stiff competition, but they are ready and set for this challenge. Their aim is to provide music curated and categorized with 90+% accuracy. Their focus is to give highly proficient tagging that provides feature-based search. Auto-playlisting is set to be completely personalized with the entire suite of AI products by Musiio.

Musiio’s unique focus on music curation has opened the doors for some significant funding options. Wavemaker Partners from Singapore, Exponential Creativity Ventures from the US, and other undisclosed venture capitalists have joined them in this initiative. As they develop an enhanced AI technology for music discovery and curation, they’ll continue to grab the attention of more people who will stand with them in this challenge.

Features to Note

Inefficiencies in music curation is a huge damper for those who love music. Musiio aims at reducing these inefficiencies using AI technology that improves greatly on what a human curator can do. Instead of sludging through Spotify to find their own flavor of music, Businesses who use Musiio will have the option of automating this search process.

Musiio aims for increased tagging accuracy by instantly making tags consistent throughout the listener's database. By auto-tagging 200,000+ songs per day, users can take advantage of their optimized speed for tagging. In addition to these features, tag packages are available or customers can request a custom build to fit their personal database.

Users get an improved search experience with enhanced capabilities that allow for audio-reference searching. Their catalog recall accuracy has been improved to find unique music that fits with your chosen track with less effort. They have also improved their search speed where users can search more than one million tracks in just below 2 seconds.

Company Viability

Musiio’s company profile and details are impressive as they move forward as a powerful force to enable the music industry with better music curation. The co-founders are Hazel Savage who comes with a history at Pandora and Shazam, and Aron Pettersson, who is a data scientist from Sweden. They both connected in Singapore during an Entrepreneur First gathering.

They’ve created this company to enable music platforms to curate their music with better accuracy using their enhanced AI technology. As they serve the music industry, they’ll provide the tools necessary for businesses to process even more music than ever possible. They also seek to help the music industry to exponentially increase the accuracy and quality of their A&R and find the best upcoming artists. Their AI technology allows them to “listen” to more music than humanly possible and specifically identify key characteristics and patterns. This is proposed to be the means to better predict the success of new artists as well.

As the record industry expands exponentially with online publishing, the volume is an important hurdle in handling music. But using Musiio’s music curation capabilities, they can help solve this problem and provide useful insights and users can improve their “hit-rate” and increase revenues as well.

Musiio is set on a positive trajectory and they’re moving forward to make an impact. Their presence in this upcoming Echelon will provide an important opportunity for more companies in the music industry to recognize this startup. Their focus on improved AI technology and their focus on being a service to the record industry are laudable goals as they look forward to greater success.

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