Innovation for Environment: Sustainable Cooling Solutions

Anthony Mosavi
December 23, 2019

With rising temperature across the world, new research from SEforALL (Sustainable Energy for All) reveals that a lack of sustainable cooling solutions could create a massive spike in global energy demand, resulting in irreversible effects on the climate.

Risks factors and issues

With the risks of global warming and rising temperatures, a lack of access to cooling solutions will severely impact the health of populations as well as labor productivity. By the year 2050, the total work hours lost due to heat will rise to 12% in several parts of South Asia and West Africa, accounting for 6% of the annual GDP of these regions.

The existing cooling technologies such as air conditioners and refrigerators are highly energy-intensive, non-sustainable, and in some cases, contain HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons), which interact with existing greenhouse gases and create a super-warming effect that accelerates global warming. As per a UN report, every molecule of HFC is 11,700 times more powerful than CO2. This is an alarming statistic that calls for the need of sustainable cooling solutions that are affordable, environmentally-friendly and efficient.

Sustainable cooling solutions

With increasing demand for cooling appliances, there is an urgent need to scale up sustainable solutions to resolve the climate crisis that has become the focus of many European countries as well as New Zealand, Australia, and the US.  

Products like the Airbitat Compact Cooler, winner of CES 2020 Climate Change Innovator Award, are a big step in the positive direction in the form of a sustainable cooling solution. Designed and engineered by Innosparks, an ST Engineering Open Innovation Lab, the cooling device is the world’s coldest portable evaporative cooler in its size. It has been widely recognized for its breakthrough innovation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Being able to deliver a powerful cooling performance in a small footprint allows it to be used in a variety of places ranging from commercial to residential spaces.

Airbitat Compact Cooler

The Airbitat Compact Cooler delivers industrial-strength cooling in a compact-size with no energy-hungry compressors and zero waste heat generation to the environment. It also does not use chemical refrigerants, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), or emit harmful chemicals. With increasing adoption, the Singapore-based startup has an ambitious plan to “ultimately replace conventional air conditioning systems in urban spaces.”

Driving future innovations

In the recent UN Climate Change Conference held at Madrid, the requirement of innovative low-carbon technologies across different industries was showcased. The participants spoke about climate-friendly technologies that can achieve development objectives while ensuring environmental protection.

Powered by innovative Reevac™ Deep Cooling Technology, the Airbitat Compact Cooler is 50% more effective in delivering cool air than other conventional coolers, even in the most challenging environments.

Innosparks plans to exhibit the cooler at CES2020 from January 7th – 10th 2020, with support from Enterprise Singapore. The event is a global stage for innovators and individuals who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

For Innosparks, the event will present a great opportunity to showcase their technology in order to penetrate and establish a presence in markets such as the US, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East. 

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