[InnoVEX2019] Canadian AIoT Pavilion - Make Some Noise!

Chien Lee
June 6, 2019

It’s not possible to walk by without noticing such an exquisite pavilion as the “Canadian AIoT Pavilion.” (Read more: InnoVEX 2019 On-Demand Press Conference)

Emerging global innovator

This year, with a record high of 14 Canadian companies covering a wide spectrum in the fields of AI, IoT and Digital Health, the mission of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) is clear. “To bring Canada as an innovative partner and a leading global innovator, with our CTA program and innovative technologies and companies,” said Rupert Cao, Deputy Director of Trade & Investment at CTOT.

Rupert Cao, Deputy Director of Trade & Investment at CTOT

Although some in Taiwan may not naturally see Canada as an innovative country, some of the top Canadian startups here at InnoVEX 2019 just spoke for themselves.

Editor's picks

Deeplite is an AI-Driven Deep Neural Network (DNN) Optimizer that enables quick and efficient AI algorithms for day to day use. They seek to impact self-driving cars, drones, surveillance cameras, cancer detection, virtual assistants and other usages. GenerationsE, an AI powered medical imaging solutions for colorectal cancer, is currently collaborating with the Kaohsiung Medical University on colonoscopy image analysis and initial result reaches 95% accuracy with 500 records.

GenerationsE also partnered with BC Cancer on cancer biopsy slide image analysis since November 2017. They later launched DeepScene 1.0, a pathologist diagnostic assistance solution on automating colorectal cancer biopsy slide analysis in March 2019.

Pushing the brand of the maple leaf country to the world stage

Being next to a big market and player like the United States, Canadian companies can get lost in the crowd. “Sometimes we are not as loud,” admitted Cao. But it also gives CTOT more reason to push for the branding of Canada to let more people know about the innovative energy coming out of the maple leaf country.

Bringing the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program to the Asia is their latest effort. With four new offices just opened in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, the initial sectors of focus will be AI, IoT, and digital health.

About Canadian Technology Accelerator

The CTA initiative was launched in 2009 to provide innovative Canadian companies with access to unique resources and contacts, helping participants refine their business models, pursue key clients, access financing resources and engage strategic partners to help them grow internationally. Currently, CTAs are operating in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Between 2013 and 2018, more than 495 companies have participated in CTAs, with a total of over CAD 514 million in capital raised.

Participating Exhibitors:

l  Autonom– Increasing Telcos operational efficiency with small, smart and reliable backup power solutions.

l  CognitiveSystems – WiFi MotionTM sensing technology combining AI.

l  Deeplite– AI-Driven Deep Neural Network (DNN) Optimizer.

l  Dessa– Transforming enterprises with AI.

l  District3 (D3) – Montreal's leading innovation hub.

l  GenerationsE– AI powered medical imaging solutions for colorectal cancer.

l  ImmerVision– Panomorph technology for security, AI, unmanned vehicles and IoT.

l  Integran– World leader in metallurgical nano-technologies.

l  Intrinsyc– Industry’s highest-performance production-ready computing modules.

l  KA Imaging - Multi-Energy X-ray detector that enables soft-tissue differentiation.

l  Mirametrix– Award-winning AI platform that can sense your attention.

l  MWELab – Motorised and ergonomic gaming/workstations.

l  Springdel– AI based predictive solution for Enterprise IoT Management.

l  Studio1 Labs – Intelligent bed sheets with fabric sensors technology.

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