[InnoVEX2019] French National Pavilion - Seven as a Magic Number

Chien Lee
June 6, 2019

Few steps away from Pi Stage, la French Tech is also one of the must-see startup organizations and they will never disappoint. (Read more: InnoVEX 2019 On-Demand Press Conference)

Satisfactory results both in and out of InnoVEX

Joining InnoVEX for the fourth consecutive year, La French Tech powered by Business France presents an even more diverse and award-winning delegation of 7 startups, including Energysquare, Adok, Digitsole, Quantmetry, Hoomano, Mapwize and Virtual Room, that provide innovative solutions to all kinds of sectors.

Speaking on this year’s impressive attendance list, Trade Advisor of the Technologies & Services Department of Business France Wayne Wang points to the satisfactory results of past events. Aside from the exhibition, the delegation has also gained various helpful resources through B2B meetings arranged by Business France and has further explored business possibilities and partnerships in the Asia region.

Trade Advisor Wayne Wang and Senior Trade Advisor Gia Dinh TO, Business France

The role of Business France is to make sure the “magic" happens with the right fit, where startups’ solutions are tailored to the needs of local consumers and businesses.

Editor's pick

One of the French startups that caught our eyes was Virtual Room. This LBE operator is bringing the concept of escape room to the next level with its team-based VR programs. Putting on the eye goggles, we were lost in the world of VR exploring different universes with Jean-Luc Gignoux, Co-Founder of Virtual Room. To give just a glimpse of what it was like, you might be going to the moon to complete a mission with your friends and family. Make sure you pick an awesome team or you might just end up living there instead...

Virtual Room has already settled in more than 20 cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Singapore and Paris. Taiwan is their next station. Don’t miss the chance to have an exclusive look for yourself!

Participating Exhibitors:

Energysquare: ground-breaking and efficient wireless charging technology (CES Best of Innovation Award).

Adok: transforming any desk into an interactive workplan (CES Innovation Award).

Digitsole: their smart soles help doctors treat better, with personalized walking profiles (CES Innovation award).

Quantmetry: uses AI to accelerate the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.

Hoomano: aims to improve human-machine interactions, developing applications on the robots Pepper and Nao.

Mapwize: a powerful indoor mapping and way finding platform, already partnering with Cisco, Microsoft and Rise HongKong.

Virtual Room: bringing the next level of VR experience with their LBE VR games. (Read more: The Virtual Escape Room That’s Poised to Revolutionize Digital Entertainment)

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