[InnoVEX2019] Holland Startup Lounge - Bustling and Energetic

Chien Lee
June 4, 2019

Extending the success from last year, the Holland Startup Lounge at InnoVEX 2019 presented once again an amazing delegation with14 startups and incubators, covering a variety of topics from IoT, Blockchain,Touch Technology to 5G. (Read more: InnoVEX 2019 On-Demand Press Conference)

Participating exhibitors include: MedKitVR, Aircision, Incooling, Aito BV, OurHub Europe, Royal Blue & Orange Trading, Sorama, Pilotfish, Kiwa, AMS Group, Lumo Labs, Rotterdam Partners, HTXL, Webelephant.

Similar backgrounds, closer partnerships

Holland Startup Lounge is one of the biggest pavilion at this year's event.

Speaking on Holland startups' interest in Taiwan, Communication Officer at the Netherlands Trade & Investment Office (NTIO) Su Li points to three reasons: The business culture is similar between Taiwan and the Netherlands since they both rely heavily on trade, and are similar in size and population. Also, many of the global players in the hardware and chip manufacturing businesses are based in Taiwan, so naturally, Holland startups that focus on providing semiconductor or other hardware solutions will come to Taiwan to find partners and scale up with bigger players. Lastly, Taiwan stands as a convenient hub to Asia and as a testing ground for those who may be interested in entering the Chinese market.

Su Li, Communication Officer at the Netherlands Trade & Investment Office (NTIO)

During the 3-day exhibition, Holland Lounge was also one of the busiest pavilions, thanks to the bar-like space and vibe created by the NTIO. But that's not all.

"What we did this year is that we tried to find more partners, potential partners, for each startup . So we used our local connections to help the startups,” said Su. NTIO set up several meetings and matchmaking sessions for the startups prior to their arrival, all tailored to their needs of finding the right strategic partners to enter the markets here in Taiwan or elsewhere in Asia.  

Editor's picks

Incooling, winner of this year’s Holland Lounge Pitch Competition, provides state-of-the-art integrated cooling solutions for high performance computing. They see Asia as a large potential market to enter for its influx of High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

Incooling (left), winner of this year's Holland Pavilion Pitch Competition

Royal Blue & Orange Trading B.V. (RBO Trading) is an approved global supplier within the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry. They have an innovative blockchain/AI technology platform that supports sourcing food ingredients, equipment and services from its market place. Asia Pacific being their next target region for growth, they are likely to first explore the commercial opportunities here in Taiwan and see it as an entry point for other parts of the region.


RBO Trading's pitch

MedKitVR is a VR service platform for healthcare practitioners. The platform helps hospitals to easily start implementing VR by offering a complete package. It consists of the necessary hardware, hygiene products, training, service/warranty and an app store with multiple kind of apps. Asides from the exhibition, Co-founders of MedKitVR Freek Teunen and Jason van Eunen, also went to visit some of the hospitals in Taiwan, and saw great potentials in partnering with these institutions in the future. Hospitals here are actually quite open to the VR implementations and are already experimenting with some of the VR programs, said Freek. (Read more: Dutch VR Company Brings the Playground to Hospital Beds)

Co-founders of MedKitVR Freek Teunen and Jason van Eunen


Startups as the future solutions

Holland startups’ passion for joining InnoVEX for the past 4 years might just be why they have been so successful at the exhibition. “We were one of the best performing exhibitors last year, directly or indirectly earning commercial opportunities worth EUR 4.1 Million,”said Diederik van der Toorn, an economic advisor at NTIO. The Netherlands remained for the third year the biggest foreign direct investor in Taiwan with USD 3.5 Billion, more than 30% of the entire FDI to Taiwan of USD 11.42Billion.

Believing startups are the future solutions for the challenges we are facing today, NTIO welcomes more collaboration between Taiwan and the Netherlands, especially in the field of startups. "We believe the collaborations and sparks ignited through these kinds of cooperation and meetings will help us find more potential for the future,” said Su.

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