[InnoVEX2019] Slingshot Philippines Pavilion - Young but Ambitious

Chien Lee
May 31, 2019

Behind this year’s success at the 3-day event of InnoVEX, with 467 startups from 25 countries and regions participating, here are some of the “heroes" that you definitely will want to meet. (Read more: InnoVEX 2019 On-Demand Press Conference)

Also, we will present a closer look at some of the best curated national pavilions in this series report.

As a relatively young startup ecosystem in Asia and around the world, the Philippines sees InnoVEX as a platform to exchange ideas and gain exposure to become "more well known as a startup country.”

What better way to start polishing your presence than actually opening your first national pavilion at InnoVEX?

11 Startups Showcased at Slingshot Philippines Pavilion

A total of 11 startups and their unique solutions were showcased at this year 's "Slingshot Philippines Pavilion,” organized by the Department of Trade and Industry Philippines and Philippine Trade & Investment Center in Taipei (PTIC-Taipei). All the startups were selected based on their plan to expand or find strategic partners here in Taiwan, including Container Living, GYPSY, JazzyPay, Owikwire, Rumarocket, ANTIPARA, Cryptors, Investagrams, Mober, RETAILGATE, and Senti Techlabs. Presented fields are artificial intelligence, machine learning, geospatial mapping, housing solutions, cyber-security, advertising and e-commerce, FinTech, logistics and market research.

PTIC-Taipei started showcasing Philippine startups last year, and one of the 6 teams, OneWatt, even took away the 2018 Delta Electronics Inc. Special Award for its non-invasive motor health monitoring solutions. This year, PTIC-Taipei were up for more and opened their very first national pavilion at InnoVEX.

FinTech, Enterprise Solutions, and AI

It’s worth noting that the solutions these startups present really reflect the needs of the people as well as some of the problems faced at home. Although aiming to address specific issues coming out of a unique socio-economic background, startups like Investagrams, Owikwire, JazzyPay, RETAILGATE, and many more still have the potential to break into different markets and reach broader users.

“In fact, FinTech is one of the three main verticals that the Philippine startups are working on now," says Louise Kaye G. Mendoza from the Department of Trade and Industry Philippines. The other two are Enterprise solutions and AI.

There are a lot of Philipinos who are currently without access to the financial system, which means they don’t have credit cards or their own bank accounts. And this is where startups could step in and offer an alternative solution. Also, 90% of businesses in the Philippines are micro, small and medium sizes, which creates opportunities for startups to come up with innovative solutions to address the pain points these businesses are facing.

Editor's picks

Investagrams provides a handy guidance for people who want to start investing in the stock market, by offering a special feature called Virtual Trading and other trading tools such as charts, screener, instant analysis, and more. Founded in the United States in 2013, Owikwire aims to provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises to help them globalize their business.

JazzyPay is a TECHSTARS backed company that helps businesses efficiently bill their customers from any part of the world via App, Email, SMS, or Messaging Platforms. RETAILGATE provides AI solution to help retailers gain Competitive Intelligence through Retail Analytics.

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