[InnoVEX2019] Polish National Pavilion - Fun and Ease

Chien Lee
June 7, 2019

This year, the newly opened Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) in Taiwan brings to us three innovative startups and an accelerator, showcasing diverse VR/AR, biotechnology, and software solutions presented by Spectral Applications, NOMI Biotech, Software Hut, and one of the biggest accelerators in Central and Eastern Europe: Enterprise Forum. (Read more: InnoVEX 2019 On-Demand Press Conference)

Where software "meets" hardware

Speaking to SparkAmpLab, Michalina Jendrzejczyk, the Taipei Bureau Chief of PAIH, sees InnoVEX as a great platform providing possibilities for Polish startups to present their strong suit- many of which are software solutions- to the well-developed hardware industry in Taiwan. But there is one that may actually be for anybody.

Michalina Jendrzejczyk, the Taipei Bureau Chief of PAIH

Editor's pick

NOMI Biotech, a Polish-Japanese startup founded in 2018, focuses on creative "hangover prevention” solution by offering you a functional beverage that is in accordance with GMP standards prior to your night of drinking. Alcorythm, NOMI’s first product, deals with the side effects of drinking alcohol by preventing the toxins from building up in your blood. Finally, you don’t need to worry about waking up the next day and having annoying headaches and nausea.

NOMI Biotech CEO Marcin Jaskuta

Alcorythm has already been distributed in Poland, Germany, Denmark and more European countries, and NOMI is planning to enter the UK’s market next month. Hopefully, it will also set up offices in Taiwan and Japan by the end of the year. NOMI is targeting Asian markets for a reason. Its second product that is currently undergoing clinical trials could be a game changer for the alcoholic beverages market, especially in Asia. The formula is designed to solve the Asian flush, an alcohol flush reaction causing people (mostly Asians) who suffer from it to experience a red face from alcohol.

So where can you find Alcorythm? At bars, clubs and hotels, and probably next at every convenience store and supermarket chain, says NOMI Biotech CEO Marcin Jaskuta. "Wherever there is alcohol, we want to be next to them!”

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