iTEMP: A Peek Into the Future of Smart Living

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
September 15, 2021

What if all the devices in your home could connect to the Internet? And not just your smartphones and laptops only, we’re talking about everything. Clocks, lights, speakers, cameras, window shades, you name it. This isn’t something out of a science fiction novel, it’s the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s a key component of our homes and lives now. 

Meet iTEMP, a smart mug and bowl that allows users to keep their food and drinks at their own personalised temperature and also track their hydration data. 

An idea born from filial piety and practicality

In the words of Bluebeard Studio’s founder Sean Lo, he wanted to invent a smart mug for his father to “keep his coffee hot, keep him hydrated at work and remind him to drink an adequate amount of water”. As an avid roman and coffee lover, Sean also detests his coffee becoming cold, and thus the idea to create iTEMP was born.

A notch above others

While there are similar products in the market that ensure that one’s food stays warm, iTEMP has unique advantages that set it apart from others. Firstly, it boasts one of the most efficient heating among other smart receptacles. The product is also equipped with smartphone connectivity and can sync up with apps so the user can control temperature preferences and water intake information. 

The team behind Bluebeard Studio is also bursting with passion and energy. Helmed by Sean, the team consists of engineers and product designers who have pushed out an array of patents and core technology that allow them to forge ahead in the industry. Sean himself also lives by the motto of making this world a better place to live in. He takes this drive into the workplace as he and his team continue setting new marks in the invention of smart containers, all the while focusing on safety and efficiency of the devices. 

Moving forward

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic also took a toll on the business. The time of shipment got stretched out, cost of international logistics increased and in-store customer flow decreased. Not one to give up though, the team worked hard and were still able to generate a profit of nearly USD 340,000 and shipped out 2000+ devices to 49 countries worldwide even in the tumultuous year of the global pandemic. 

Things are looking up for the company as they’ve managed to tap into the US market through their first campaign and market their products. Bluebeard Studio intends to focus on increasing production capacity and inventory within the next six months. The company also sees great promise in the American and Japanese markets with their high familiarity with IoT products and a high market consumption of such devices. The future definitely looks bright for Bluebeard Studio!

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