[Startup News] JANDI – the Slack for Asia

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May 16, 2019

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JANDI is a messaging platform that has an integrated suite of teamwork and collaboration tools specially developed for workplaces in Asia.

As a SaaS business solution, JANDI is part of the SaaS market, which is poised to surpass $112.8 billion this year. JANDI is the flagship product of Korean Startup Toss Lab. JANDI can be seen as the Asian version of the Silicon Valley collaboration tool “Slack”. Companies across South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore use the work app.

JANDI, combines group messaging, file sharing, and project management functionality into one platform available on any device in order to help workers share, organize, and find information thereby facilitating teamwork and collaboration in the workplace.

Source: Toss Lab


Toss Lab has raised $11.7 million in five funding rounds. In January 2018 the company raised USD 5.2 million to improve JANDI’s software and expand its business. SBI Investment led this round of funding, joined by the Korea Development Bank, Daekyo Investment, and Evergreen Investment Partners. That is on top of US$1.7 million raised in a series A funding led by Hong Kong-based VC Ascent Capital Advisors, and TicketMonster in March 2017.

Previously Toss Lab raised US$2 million in an angel round in 2014 from Softbank Ventures, Cherubic Ventures, and others. In early 2016 Toss Lab announced that it had raised US$2.5 million in convertible bonds to double its workforce to 100 in its aim to become the Slack of Asia. Qualcomm Ventures and Korea’s HnAP led the Seed round.

A work app designed for Asia

“Our vision is to become the leading enterprise social software business in Asia. We know the Asian work culture and how to make the Asian workplace better than other competitors as our team has [years of collective] experience and knows how to solve the problem accordingly,” Harry Yeo, Toss Lab’s public relations officer, told Tech in Asia.

Asia is a unique market and users have preference for consumer chat apps like LINE, WeChat and What’s App rather than enterprise communication platforms. To accommodate this habit and win over users, Toss Lab developed a user experience that incorporates emoji sets as well as the familiar feel of messenger platforms like LINE, KakaoTalk, and WeChat. The language support comes in English and four Asian languages (Korean, Japanese, and traditional and simplified Chinese).

The ultimate work collaboration tool

JANDI’s cloud-based business messenger can seamlessly connect with external services. It acts as a teamwork and collaboration tool and includes group messaging, task and project management, and file searching and archiving services. It’s file archiving and searching function works like G Drive or Dropbox.

The JANDI Connect feature allows users to receive notifications and reminders from external apps and services. Everyone can see everything the team is working on, including the tools and services being used like Google Calendar, RSS Feed, Trello, JIRA, GitHub, Bitbucket and Incoming/Outgoing Webhooks.

With more than 88,000 companies, including large corporations like Ticketmonsters and NS Homeshopping using JANDI as their work communication platform, and continued funding support, the company seems well on its way to achieve its goal to become the go-to workplace communication channel in Asia.

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