[Business Startup News] Lau Distribution: Facilitating Brands to Sell Across the Globe and Improve their Reach

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December 19, 2019

With the advent of the internet, the world has further shrunk in size, allowing manufacturers and retailers to sell their goods on an international scale. Going global is now the single most effective way for brands to reap the most profits and a handsome return on the investment. While starting a very own global distribution channel might be a steep hill to climb, leveraging the network and the services of an already established organization specialising in the distribution business can be a massive advantage. 

Lau (International) Distribution Pte Ltd is one such established global export-import specialist known for its far-reaching network and strong links with several industry partners in the Asia-Pacific region. Established in 1997, Lau Distribution has bolstered its extensive distribution network to help improve the overall market presence, brand awareness, and sales of lifestyle products across the world. 

The importance of a global distribution channel 

According to recent statistics, it was found that more than 80% businesses shut shop due to cashflow problems. Based on a simple overview of the various methods to keep the cash flow positive, it becomes evident that cutting costs and unnecessary expenses can help most businesses to stay afloat and tread on the path of profitability and steady returns. 

From fast tracking a company’s growth to racking up a massive profit, going global is one of the proven ways to do so. With several latest studies highlighting that most consumers show a strong inclination towards global and reputable brands over obscure or lesser known brands, it’s high time for brands and manufacturers to leap towards increasing their global footprint. 

Lau Distribution: Helping brands expand to the international market 

Originally started as an export-import specialist, Lau Distribution has developed a strong relationship with several countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and numerous partnerships with brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, JVC, Vanguard, Velbon, Samurai, Speed, Kowa, Hama, and Click elite.  

Tapping into the already established distribution network of an organisation can help brands cut costs and save time, capital, and human resources which would otherwise be spent at expanding the distribution channel themselves. Brands can also save up on the stocking and delivery expenses whilst partnering with an organisation specialising in distribution. 

However, one must also divert attention to the potential downsides such as less attention to individual product branding and being featured alongside several other products. 

Lau Distribution, on the other hand, caters to every brand and product’s need by cataloguing in a clear manner on their websites and across their exhibitions as well. The organisation prides their ability in providing a greater brand awareness to the products they distribute, highlighting the fact that the company steers clear from the common perils of conventional distribution channels. 

In addition, Lau Distribution is steadfast on building a personal brand in the distribution business, which invariably translates to greater success in the realm of branding, awareness, and sales for the brands and products partnering with the company. 

Future prospects

The steady rise in e-commerce followed by a consumer behavior geared towards adapting global brands, distribution-focused organisations such as Lau Distribution are certain to forge many profitable ventures in the coming future. 

Lau Distribution is exhibiting at the upcoming CES 2020 event, opening gates to potential customers and business partners. 

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