[Startup News] Let Your Backpack Talk to the World

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
June 30, 2020

People use many ways to express themselves and show off their uniqueness. Whether it be through funky clothes and green-dyed hair or nose studs and outrageous make-up; now you can also do it with your backpack.

Yes, really. But not just any backpack. The Pix is what we’re talking about. The backpack uses LED lights to let its owner display pixel art. This is a cool looking piece, for sure. Kids of all ages (as well as adults) will love it.

LED light festivals have become very popular in recent times, but this is the first time that LED lights have been incorporated in a personal backpack.

The backpack is covered with LED lights that can form graphics and moving images of all kinds – you can design them yourself or you could choose from the Pix Inc. art catalogue.

So how does it actually work?

Utility and creativity rolled into one

This digital customizable backpack with built-in LED screen is actually controlled by an IOS/Android app.

You download the app on your smartphone and connect it to the backpack. You can create your own pictures and cartoons that are then displayed in lights on your backpack for the world to see.

It’s easy to personalize your backpack with the app. You can communicate with the world around you through your chosen images, graphics and animations and even share issues you care about, your mood, or just some joke. It’s up to you. 

Image courtesy of Pix Inc.

That’s exactly what the founders had in mind. "The sole purpose of Pix is personalization. It’s a great way to express your emotions and highlight your personality,” said Margaret Rimek, CEO of Pix Inc.. “Our mission is to make people happy while they’re on the go. All of us are different and have a common need to express our individuality through what we wear."

While serving as a surface for entertainment, Pix does come with handy features that are fit for your daily use. The backpack has roughly 27 liters of space for packing stuff you need to take with you – that’s roughly the size of a normal backpack. Importantly, a 15″ laptop fits in it and there is space for a notebook, and a water bottle. With ten different compartments, it has enough room for everything you need.

Image courtesy of Pix Inc.

Key to success: a Kickstarter campaign 

Their crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo were a huge success back in the fall of 2018 in which they got a total pre-order worth of $570,000. They are currently in mass production and are selling Pix backpacks worldwide. 

According to Rimek, Pix has more than 10,000 customers all over the globe, and with $340,000 raised in funding, their next big goal is to scale the business.

The Los Angeles-based startup was founded by Margaret Rimek and Sergii Iezdin in January 2018. They started working on a customizable backpack back in 2016. Over two years, they created 15 prototypes and participated in many exhibitions and startup events before they came up with the current version of their product.

You can get your own Pix on Amazon for $259.

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