[Startup News] Local Services, Global Connections: Trabble’s Travel Assistance

Chien Lee
May 23, 2019

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As much as travel enthusiasts enjoy their experience, they do their best to avoid unwelcome surprises. Knowing what to expect and being prepared for any and every local situation is what Trabble seeks to accomplish with their booking engine. They wish to provide travel assistance that is second to none so their users are ensured of a smooth travel experience.

Travel on the Rise

As air travel experiences a boom in Asia, the rate of travel has increased tremendously. Trabble has taken on the challenge of providing viable and refined options as their booking engine resources travelers. Not only are there more travelers than ever before, there are more first time travelers and they’re reaching newer destinations as well. Travel assistance has become a significant need for travelers looking for local information regarding their destinations.

Powered by AI, they provide recommendations based on the traveler’s preferences and needs sourced from the most applicable local platforms. Through their platform, they seek to develop a community of travelers who are seamlessly connected with the travel industry.

Connecting the Travel Industry

Trabble will be exhibiting in InnoVEX Taipei this month. Delegates representing the travel and hospitality industry will find Trabble as an important startup to connect with. As a hyper-local information network, their mobile platform excels in providing real-time connections and answers among travelers, locals, and the travel industry. These features are significant and set them apart as a travel portal that truly serves businesses whose users will enjoy the benefit of great travel assistance.

Features for Efficient Guest Services

Trabble will provide the framework of a Guest Engagement SAAS platform that serves the travel industry. Small businesses will have a fighting chance as they employ technologies that benefit them in a fragmented and challenging travel industry. Their booking engine will automate Guest Enquiries, Reservations, and Services that increase their efficiency in doing business.

Businesses who use the services of Trabble will benefit from their automated Guest Enquiries, Reservations, and other Services to improve revenue channels through efficient guest satisfaction. They incorporate several levels of a chatbot with Machine Learning and AI to bring in local knowledge, guest services, and resources delivered in a format that best suits the specific traveler. They will use their customers’ channels to act as a personalized chat-enabled concierge to serve their end users to provide them with the travel assistance they require.

As a young and upcoming startup, Trabble is certainly a company to observe. As an investment opportunity and as a provider of services, their business model has a lot to offer. Their booking engine has the ability to incorporate various channels of information and tailor them to the end user’s needs and patterns of usage puts them at an advantage. Ultimately, the businesses benefit from such a seamless AI integrated innovation.

Travel becomes less stressful and more exciting with Trabble’s relevant and refined recommendations through their booking engine.

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