Lynaza eDiscovery, Powering Workplace Automation with AI

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
September 17, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has slowly but surely crept into many aspects of our personal and professional lives. In fact, it is seen today as one of the most innovative and promising tools in the workplace. A 2018 PwC survey reveals that an increasing number of global businesses are beginning to see the value of AI in supporting workforce management. Globally, 40% of human resource functions in companies in both small and large companies are now using AI-augmented applications.

Using AI to make improve workplace efficiency

While there have been a fair bit of doom and gloom predictions around AI and how the technology will soon usurp our jobs, Lynaza eDiscovery isn’t a supporter of that belief at all. The company has pushed out two products -- Cirrus and Law DNA, that aim to provide sensitive information protection in achieving corporate information security.

Cirrus is an AI-driven solution for risk-based approaches to compliance machinimas. Cirrus rides on one of the biggest advantages of AI -- turning mass volume of complex unstructured data into digestible insights without the need for a data scientist. The goal of Cirrus is to monitor internal data, identify potential risks and manage them. It is able to set up different risky AI training data streams to detect issues in the database like price-fixing.  In addition, its intuitive dashboard can assist the compliance department in identifying measurable efforts, allowing users to make smarter business decisions and improve customer service to optimise performance.  

On the other hand, Law DNA is an AI-driven solution created specifically for clients in the legal industry. The technology focuses on automating menial and repetitive tasks such as filing law documents, thus freeing users up to do more complex operations. Law DNA assists with document classification and indexing and helps lawyers search for sensitive data efficiently.

Lynaza eDiscovery focuses on marketing their solutions to corporations that focus on internal data classification, knowledge-based database management and ESG practices. They are of the belief that the integration of data digitisation in the workplace is the best way to ensure ESG responsibility.  

The impact of COVID-19

It’s no secret that many industries have been badly hit by COVID-19. Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining and the pandemic has actually acted as a springboard to the rapid digitisation of workplaces. It has forced countless workers online and made companies realise the importance of digital technology. In the words of Natalie Lin, Founder and COO of Lynaza, there have been “even more digital documents” that need to be “organised and indexed”. The trend of digital communication has resulted in companies moving their databases online, and thus Lynaza is seizing the opportunity to actively promote their solutions to corporations.    

Looking ahead

Despite the economic aftereffects of COVID-19 still lingering, Lynaza is optimistic that the future holds much promise for them. Founder Lin’s drive and strong desire for “accomplishment” has led the team to acquire prestigious partnerships with Taiwanese firms, notably Evergreen Marine Ltd and Wan Hai Lines Ltd. They’re also on the lookout for more strategic partners to grow their business and continue to popularise the application of AI in the workplace.    

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