[Business Startup News] Magnus Trading: Helping Brands Expand their Reach

SparkAmpLab Editorial Team
December 23, 2019

According to a latest research conducted by a reputable machine learning-based platform, it was revealed that nearly 42% of businesses fail due to the lack of market need. In the age of rapid expansion, finding the right market is all about going global and selling across a wide range of markets. Be it a nascent business or an already established one, going global and expanding a business is a painstaking ordeal. Partnering with a seasoned exporter and a wholesaler, on the other hand, might give businesses the opportunity to expand their horizons without having to break the bank. 

Established in early 2007, Magnus Trading Corporation is a Singapore-based exporter and a wholesaler for a wide array of lifestyle products. With more than 10,000 stocking units spread out across the globe, Magnus Trading has several amicable business relationships with nations in Europe, Middle East, North America, and Asia. 

Here’s why brands must aim on reaching further 

By testing the international waters, brands get an opportunity to evolve as a trusted name known across the globe. Several studies highlight the fact that most consumers across the globe are more keen on shopping from a familiar brand than an obscure one, meaning that brands must make themselves visible and known to the international front. 

A brief overview of the various methods to help build a successful global brand reveals that exporting goods and selling them across other markets is an effective way to do so. Generally speaking, expanding to a new market may bring about a plethora of unique challenges such as the need for reliable distribution channels, inventory management, and developing a sales team across the expanding markets. 

However, companies such as Magnus Trading offer both export and wholesale services as a single offering, meaning that brands can simply rely on such companies to both export their product to a global landscape and deliver their goods to the customers as well. 

Magnus Trading-- One way ticket to global expansion 

Known for exporting and wholesaling lifestyle products such as DSLRs, action cameras, photo printers, smartwatches, drones, and gaming consoles, Magnus Trading has evolved as a trusted name for going global. Ever since its inception, Magnus Trading has been a prolific exporter and wholesaler of photography products and digital electronics; as of now, the company is on a steady path to establishing itself as a global distribution leader in the realm of both consumer electronics and photography products. 

“We are a "one-stop shop" for all our customers' needs across the product lines we operate in and can provide our customers with competitive pricing for over 10,000 SKUs across more than 15 world class brands. We also work closely with all major manufacturers, agents, suppliers of photographic equipment and consumer electronics,” says Irfan Yunus, Director of Magnus Trading Corporation Pte Ltd. 

As of now, the Singapore-based export and wholesale company currently works with international photography and consumer electronic giants such as Nikon, Apple, Phillips, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Sigma, TicWatch, JBL, Marshall, and Olympus. 

Immediate plans, key advantages, and future prospects 

“We strongly believe that our expertise and understanding of the dynamics of the consumer electronics industry provides us and our customers with a unique competitive advantage in the volatile global markets. Our base in a global trading hub like Singapore and our reach and presence in countries around the globe also serve to add immense value to our suppliers and customers,” said the company’s director in a recent interview. 

It was further revealed that Magnus Trading was heavily focusing on niche markets and customers due to the changing landscape of photography and consumer electronics. Furthermore, the company is investing a substantial amount of resources across the emerging markets across Asia and Africa for an accelerated growth and massive sales. 

With an immediate plan to expanding its reach in markets such as South America, Canada, and a few regions of Africa, the company is exhibiting at the CES 2020 for an increased brand awareness and potential business partnerships. 

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