How Maker hart’s New Product Line Helps Musicians Create

Chien Lee
April 22, 2019

Maker hart, a Taiwanese brand leading innovation in the music technology industry, has launched three new products to add to their extensive collection of electric music instruments. Maker hart’s new line of products is addressed to solve the needs of the aspiring musician looking for new and better ways to create. Already an industry staple in the audio mixer space, Maker hart’s new product line – which consists of the Loop 8 Mixer, the Just Mic IV, and the Maker hart electric flute – is one that is poised to be a game-changer.

Let us review their three recently released products to find out more.

Loop 8 channel mixer

Maker hart’s Loop 8 channel mixer is a more advanced and capable mixer, and is a vast improvement on their Mixer 5 series, which is already an industry-favorite. The Loop 8 mixer now supports up to 8 individual audio channels, has Bluetooth capabilities, which increase practicality, and utilizes Multi-microphone jacks to better enable for multi-person recording. But perhaps the mixer’s greatest accomplishment is its improved portability, as its USB OTG enables the user to use the device on the go, and the turntable camera stand makes it practical. Loop 8, with its incredible functionality and Bluetooth connectivity capability, is suitable to professionals and amateurs who which to excel at creating great music, and is a device that revolutionizes how we use audio mixers. To find out more, follow the link to this product.

Just Mic IV - Mini

Maker hart’s second product is the Just Mic IV – Mini. This mini microphone mixer has four channels that the user can take advantage of at the same time, which allows for multi-functional and varied uses. It also has built in phantom power, allowing the user to use all the microphones while ensuring that they are all compatible with the power supply, and is connectible to a tripod, which enables easy and convenient use.

Unlike many other mixers, the Just Mic IV Mini supports a variety of microphones, including dynamic ones, thanks to its mode selection feature. You can select between a 48V phantom powered and a 1.5V electret mode, which makes the mixer adaptable and versatile. This is an important feature for musicians and DJs, as they work with a variety of different microphones, and shouldn’t have to worry about whether their mixer is compatible with them or not. It packages all of these features at a price-point that is competitive even amongst inferior products.

DS-ONE Electronic flute

Maker hart also has created an electric flute that is primed to make waves among the electronic music creator community. A staple of modern art, Maker hart’s electric flute pairs a classical instrument with an advanced electronic system giving musicians ten different tones to choose from, such as Baritone Sax, Oboe, Shakuhachi, and Harmonica. Despite its technological capability, it is lightweight at just .69oz, and offers extremely high sound quality to musicians and audiences. If you would like to find out more, please follow the link.

While tech giants often succumb to stagnancy, Maker hart has been able to avoid the corporate curse. Its new line of products offer advanced improvements and innovations that are poised to disrupt the music tech landscape.

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