MeansGood Takes a Leap in Biotechnology to Provide Better Health Care Solutions

Anthony Mosavi
November 20, 2019

It is said that “If the 20th century belonged to physics, the 21st is likely to belong to biology.” This crucial statement was made by Thomas Lyson, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Rural Sociology at Cornell University. As a new startup, MeansGood has taken this statement to heart and made bold moves in advanced agricultural biotechnologies to benefit the public in numerous ways, including asthma care.

With their foundry located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, MeansGood’s potential for commercial development of agriculture-based genomics research is huge. Alongside its research in agriculture, the startup has been able to develop groundbreaking solutions for indoor agriculture. It has developed excellent eco-friendly lighting solutions that have culminated in yielding the highest levels of bioactive ingredients.

It all started when MeansGood’s founder, Gray Wei, set out to find a more friendly solution to his children’s asthma. Since conventional medicine was too harsh on infants, Wei put his sights on Cordyceps, an ancient Chinese herb. Cordyceps contains a bioactive ingredient called Cordycepin, which is a powerful herb. Due to the high cost of Cordyceps and the intensive process needed to make it safe to consume, Wei resorted to his knowledge of agriculture to cultivate Cordyceps.

The significance of MeansGood goes beyond the company and its operations. Wei and MeansGood have together made a significant change to the entire Cordyceps industry. What started out as a personal quest for safer medicines ended up as a benefit for many and further development in agriculture and technology.

MeansGood uses a sophisticated LED (Light Emitting Diode) system for indoor agriculture to cultivate Cordyceps. This patented LED lighting system helps significantly reduce energy costs. The startup also uses an integrated UV lighting system to induce the Cordyceps fungus to produce a Cordycepin count that is 100 times the former standard in the market. In addition to these developments, MeansGood integrates an AI monitoring system to observe growth and energy efficiency.

MeansGood’s approach to Cordyceps has been a success in agriculture and in the use of technology. Now, the startup is working on applying its indoor agricultural technologies to the cultivation of other crops as well. Its most recent move is implementing its systematic LED lighting solutions to growing marijuana plants. The company hopes that these successes will pave their way into a future with more mainstream indoor agriculture.

Of all its products, MeansGood considers the AILED kits to be the crown jewel. It is a special combination of low wattage LED lights, integrated UV lights,and AI systems. The kit is the ideal solution to attaining sustainable indoor cultivation.

Along with providing research and development for various companies focused on agricultural products, MeansGood also has its own line of products that are noteworthy. With Cordyceps, the startup provides raw, dried Cordyceps Militaris, a parasitic fungus and valuable source of many phytonutrients (plant chemicals). This fungus is thought to provide an array of therapeutic benefits and support good health.

MeansGood’s in-house Cordyceps-based skin ointment works to alleviate eczema and rashes. The cream helps reduce itching from mosquito and bug bites of all types. The product also reduces redness from long days of makeup use or the effects of acne.

A Cordyceps tea provides a tasty way to take in Cordyceps. MeanGood’s packets of tea contains the whole Cordyceps fungus that can be consumed entirely. Cordyceps tea helps alleviate stuffy nose symptoms and difficulty breathing. When the entire fungus is consumed through the tea packets, it helps people attain the full benefits of Cordyceps.

Slush 2019

From Singapore to NewYork, Slush has spread its wings from its beginnings in Helsinki. As a student-driven, notfor profit movement, Slush aims at providing the best entrepreneurs with excellent track records in their respective fields for their events. Exhibiting at Slush 2019, from November 21-22 in Helsinki, MeansGood is looking to connect with other entrepreneurs and startups to discuss possible collaborations that could be mutually beneficial.

MeansGood took part in the Bridge to Mass Challenge (B2MC) competition, a contest that helps identify and promote top startups from across the globe and provides them better connections and networking opportunities. Out of a competition of more than a hundred companies who were after the B2MC Taiwan title, MeansGood received the honor. The startup bested more than 25 finalists to win the award and got the chance to compete in the international finals at the B2MC Boston.

The accolades for MeansGood are many. Its commercial development of agriculture-based genomics research will surely push them forward. Exemplary research and development into creating solutions for indoor agriculture, eco-friendly lighting solutions, and highly valuable integration of AI in agriculture are fascinating features. MeansGood is set up to see much success in this unique niche.

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