Technology Article: Meersens: The French Startup Allowing You To Scan Your Environment For Health Threats

December 28, 2018

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The factors affecting the spaces we inhabit are constantly changing. Depending on geolocation, government safety practices and the structures of our homes, offices, schools etc., there may be a higher possibility for exposure to certain toxic chemicals. For instance, in older homes there is a higher chance for lead poisoning than in a newer home due to the type of pipes and paints that were used at the beginning of the 19th century. Meersens realized this problem and came up with a solution: the Mbox and its component plug-ins Msens capsules.

With the MBox, you can assess your environment for potential harmful pollutants such as pesticides, lead, microwaves, UV radiation, etc. Due to the ease of inter-changeability of the Msens capsules, evaluation of certain environmental factors can now be conducted in a matter of seconds. This revolutionary product will enable us to make our environment a safer place as the side-effects of a large number of toxics do not appear until major/or irrevocable damage to the body has already been done.

Meersens - Mbox and MSens

What is a Mbox / Msen capsule and how do you use it?

The Mbox is a device that acts as a flexible endoskeleton for the Msens capsules. The Msens capsules plug-ins are created to detect different environmental factors. A Msens capsule plug-in will detect only the specific elements it was created to assess. This allows for a more accurate, detailed evaluation of factors in your immediate environment. Moreover, because of the inter-changeability of the Msens capsules, you have a choice of obtaining only capsules that are relevant to your situation and geolocation.

Mbox structure with Msens Capsule

Another important fact to note is that all Msens capsules are recyclable, ensuring that we do not contribute to the ever growing landfills. In order to remain eco-friendly, the component parts of the Msens capsules were selected because of their reusability. As the major concern of Meersens is the safety of our environment, we do not wish to further contaminate the environment in our quest to evaluate environmental concerns.

Once your Mbox/Msens has been set up, you need to download the mCheck app in order to use it. The app is very user-friendly and easy to use, and allows you to create a user profile that is personalized according to certain environmental factors that are likely to be more detrimental to your health. With a single tap, it delivers results according to the Msens plugged in. Using this information and your user profile, it also informs you of any harmful effects to your health.

The benefits of having a Mbox

Early detection of potential hazards enables you to adapt your environment and limit the damage it can do to your health, hence ensuring a longer, better quality of life. This is the founding idea behind this device. Moreover, a better peace of mind is achieved knowing you are providing the safest, cleanest possible environment for you and your family. It does this by immediately informing you of any changes in your environment that threaten your family’s health before there are obvious signs. The device is highly beneficial to not only homes, but also schools and work places, especially those that are at higher risk of exposure to toxic chemicals (e.g factories and chemical plants). Once an issue has been discovered, this device does not act as an alert system alone, but will also provide recommendations on how to improve your environment or reduce whatever contamination that has been detected.

This device was created by a team of scientists at Meersens with the hopes of creating a safer, cleaner environment for families and their loved ones. With our ever increasing environmental concerns, the need for this device has become essential.

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