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May 14, 2019
Echelon 2019 TOP100 is less than two weeks away! Echelon Top 100 is one of the best pitching competitions organized by Singapore e27. It aims to discover, facilitate and accelerate the next generation of coming startups.

Although the application period for TOP100 is already over, On-Demand Press Conference Day held by SparkAmplify is not over yet! On-Demand Press Conference Day is here to share successful startup stories and present the latest startup trends to you.

Let’s see what kind of startups are included in our On-Demand Press Conference Day!

Let's meet the startups!

Artificial Intelligence


Musiio has built an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can ‘listen’ to millions of tracks at once. It can recognise thousands of features from every single audio track and categorise music with an accuracy of 90+%. Highly accurate tagging, precise musical feature-based search and personalised auto-playlisting at scale are now all possible with Musiio’s suite of AI products.

Qlue Performa Indonesia

Powered by machine learning and data intelligence platform, Qlue helps to establish good governance in workforce management. Qlue transforms the complex data into measurable and actionable insights.


Unscrambl is an Augmented Intelligence Company that creates AI-powered cognitive agents for enterprises, disrupting traditional business processes – from how insights are accessed, to how decisions are made, to how actions are taken.


MyBump Media

MyBump Media is Malaysia's leading crowd advertising platform that integrates outdoor media and social media endorsements by brand’s own ambassadors – genuine consumers speaking for your brand matched using demographic, geolocation, social media presence and consumer behavior information.

GKIM Gears

Targeting entrepreneurs and software developers, GEARS is a Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution platform, driving people to complete their business goals. GEARS brings strong benefits no matter what agile development process is favoured.

MoWin Digital

MoWin Digital started off helping brands and organisations with marketing analytics and automation focused on the Chinese social marketing landscape. With a deep understanding for the need of Return of Investments (ROIs) for their marketing efforts on Chinese Social Media platforms like WeChat, Mowin Digital has developed social media Marketing automation, and eCommerce.

Shopping & Leisure


When customers visit or refer Screea Merchant to his or her friends, Screea gives back rewards to customers. Users will receive points based on the amount spent in the app, as well as the friends the users refer.  


Goama offers an "all you can game" service in emerging markets, just like Netflix, users can pay a certain amount of the subscription fee and enjoy a better gaming experience.


MallSini has more than 6,000 Stores information in more than 30 Malls in Jakarta and Singapore. MallSini provides complete information such as their opening hours, menus, interior photos, and their exact location with indoor mapping, including their ongoing and upcoming deals, promotions, and events.


Nommi is the world’s first intelligent router that uses eSim and advanced ARON™ technology. It ensures the best experience connecting to the internet for traveling professionals and digital nomads.



Speedoc brings a house call doctor directly to where you are 24/7 in Singapore. Speedoc App provides licensed medications, MC, procedures with clear pricing at your doorstep.


Personalized vitamins and supplements selected by Vitaboost medical team specialists are delivered to customers’ doorsteps. Vitaboost Clinic’s medical team consists of legalized specialists in different fields of modern medicine at your service in Thailand.

Mobile Software

Kdan Mobile

Since 2009, Kdan Mobile has focused on building mobile software applications and online services that allow users to better leverage their productivity and creativity. Kdan’s solutions empower the world to create, distribute, and conjoin projects via the use of mainstream digital devices.

SparkAmplify is happy to announce that we are selected as one of the startups in Echelon 2019 TOP100! We hope through this event, we can outreach and collaborate with more startups in South-east asian countries!

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