[Latest Information Technology News] Moffi – A Startup Revolutionizing How We Share Workspaces

December 31, 2018

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The professional world has gone through some major changes over the years. Workers and small businesses are moving away from traditional roles in permanent workplaces and instead have been migrating towards a more nomadic existence. Without a single dedicated office, 21st century workers and small businesses have a need for greater flexibility than ever before.

Today’s nomadic workers and small businesses are facing a problem, however. Space is at a premium. With the need for greater flexibility comes a need for a wider variety of workspaces which can be made available on a temporary basis. Offices, meeting rooms, shared spaces… demand is high but availability is low.

That’s where French startup Moffi changes the game.

Bringing Workers And Workspaces Together

Moffi brings those in need of a temporary workspace together with those who have available spaces in a revolutionary new way.

Moffi has recognized that the problem isn’t necessarily a lack of space but rather a lack of organization.Companies or property owners often do not use all their space at once and often have unused spaces, such offices and meeting rooms, with no way of capitalizing on them. This exciting new start-up gives these organizations a way to optimize their available spaces, offering them a convenient and easily accessible platform where those in need of a workspace can find them.

How Can Moffi Help Resolve The Workspace Problem?

Moffi’s cutting-edge, user-friendly platform has been designed with convenience in mind for both parties involved. Those with available accommodation can list their space listing completely free of charge.These shared spaces, meeting rooms and empty offices can then easily be found by the nomadic workers who want to rent them.

The benefits for organizations with available space is clear – they can increase their profits or subsidize the ever-increasing cost of rent by renting out their available rooms through the platform. However, the benefits for workers are also very significant. Workers(and small businesses) can quickly and easily find the space suitable for their short-term meeting or project needs on a single, easy-to-use portal.

Moffi’s platform offers everything that companies need to optimize their available workspaces. With incorporated advanced management, tracking and user statistics services as well as a simple white-labelled interface, companies can stay on top of their room rentals and ensure that they’re making maximum revenue at no additional cost. With Moffi’s detailed agenda, the process becomes as effective and easy as possible so companies can increase their profits easily without adding to their workload.

City Specific Listings & Networking Benefits

Moffi’s platform brings workers together with fully-equipped workspaces all over the world. With listings by city and by type, it couldn’t be simpler to find the perfect working environment in the location of your choice.

As an added bonus, nomadic workers and organizations alike can increase their business network and make valuable new contacts that can prove indispensable in future projects. Thanks to Moffi, professionals can build up stronger and more positive working relationships, with a strong focus on cooperation. Moffi’s revolutionary new approach takes the sharing of resources to a whole new level, leading the way to a bright new future of cooperative working, with professionals reaping the benefits.

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